CC change in patch bothers me

We went into BoT this weekend.  The first few trash pulls there require some CC to make them manageable.  We had two hunters and a shaman in the group, and they were very good about counting down to coordinate their trap launchers and hex.  Both traps hit simultaneously, and then the remaining mobs in the group ran toward us where they were picked up by the tanks.  It was perfectly executed.

As of this coming Tuesday, such coordination won’t be necessary.  In patch 4.2, most forms of CC won’t cause the mobs to pull.  The hunters can launch their traps at their convenience, and the pack of mobs will stand there and wait to be attacked.

This is called a “quality of life” change.  It doesn’t significantly affect gameplay, and it makes a frustrating part of the game less so.

But it bothers me.  The Twilight’s Hammer lackeys are just going to stand there chatting while, one-by-one they are frozen in blocks of ice or turned to sheep and frogs?  That’s ridiculous.

You can say that a lot of the game is ridiculous, of course, and I wouldn’t argue.  For whatever reason, this one gets to me.  I think that, five years ago, if my first foray into raiding had us freezing and sheeping things while the rest of the mobs were stupidly oblivious, it would have made a poor first impression and possibly changed my whole outlook on the game.  (keep in mind that when I started raiding, using Sap would knock a rogue out of stealth, resulting in a body pull)

Clearly, this change is intended to make pug groups easier to run.  Its very hard to coordinate CC without voice chat.  I see the usefulness for it as a game mechanic.  However, its a step toward silliness in the name of convenience.



3 Responses to “CC change in patch bothers me”

  1. 1 Anon-moose
    June 26, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Just to throw it out there; this has been the case for some classes (rogues, your banner) all along. Pretty much since Vanilla sap (albeit in a few incarnations) has yielded groups of mobs that would stand there talking while one of their guys stands there looking silly. True that the other forms of CC in the game might be more obvious (a block of ice, someone turning into a frog, etc) but it’s nothing especially new.

  2. June 26, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    Also that’s pretty much the only room in the entire tier (well, the trash before V&T too I guess) where you have to CC anything, and if your guild is anything like mine you probably just AOE it down!

    I agree that it’s a bit silly but I think “raid puggability” is something they’re working towards. Can’t please everybody!

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