We’re 11/12 in T11 raid bosses!

What does that mean?  It means different things to different people.  Wrath really re-trained me on the meaning of raid accomplishments.  I need to appreciate the game again.

In Burning Crusade, there were not a whole lot of guilds that progressed through all of the available raid content.  Most guilds were Karazhan guilds – staying at the introductory raid level.  Many guilds or guild alliances moved up to Gruul/Magtheridon raids.  Fewer made it through SSC and TK, and fewer still made it through Black Temple.  Simply killing a boss was often a big deal, and clearing a raid tier was a huge achievement.

Wrath changed the paradigm.  With a myriad of ways to get gear, you could skip raid tiers.  Then with infinite tank threat and infinite healer mana most raids quickly became puggable.  Thus, a much larger portion of guilds were able to clear current raid content.  Simply killing bosses was not that big a deal, and clearing raid tiers was ho-hum.

Now things have shifted to a middle ground.  There are still various paths to get gear, so you’re not locked out of any raid content due to gear.  However, the raids are tougher and the game a bit harder, so pugs are less successful and it is harder to carry lesser players.  As a result, fewer guilds are making it through raid content.

I am musing on this because my guild just killed Al-akir.  As indicated at the start of the post, that makes us 11/12 in the current tier of raids.  This is rarified air for us.  Our guild has been around since vanilla, and we have never cleared a current tier of raids before the new tier was released.

So here we stand, one week before Firelands comes, and only Nefarian standing in our way of clearing all available (non-heroic) content.  We have two nights of raiding scheduled before the patch.  One night will be used to clear BWD and do some learning attempts on Nef, and the second night will be dedicated to taking on Nefarian.

What does all of this have to do with Wrath attitudes?  I think that I am not fully appreciative of what we have done.  Inside, I feel like we are still behind the curve, which is a holdover from Wrath attitudes.  I need to let it sink in that we are well ahead of the typical guild here.  Only 24,500 guilds have killed Al’akir, which is less than half of the guilds that have downed Magmaw.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn.  I’m just being introspective.  When we finally killed Al’akir last night, I didn’t yell with happiness, but rather let out a sigh of relief.  Back in the Karazhan days we were all so happy when we killed a raid boss for the first time.  Has Wrath ruined that for me permanently?

I think that if we get Nef this week I’ll actually be happy.


2 Responses to “Accomplishments”

  1. 1 hamacus
    June 21, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    I am very proud of our guild and all it has accomplished thus far. I also agree that it is easy to loose perspective given said “Wrath Mentality”. I have found that I had to adjust my attitude as well along the way.

    That stated I think it is deserved to toot ones own horn given the fact the we started late and raid on a very limited bases. Oh and are a casu, errrr, dedicated guild. If we get our full crew Nef will die or I will delete my Shadow spec forever. /Insert toot!

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