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A little venting to start my week

My guild has had a bit of a setback.  Maybe I’m opening myself to abuse here, but we’ve found ourselves wiping on Magmaw quite a lot.  Not even on heroic mode.  I mean Normal-mode, 10-man Magmaw.

I know that its a fight that its easy to screw up.  It only takes one person standing in the wrong place to wipe the raid.

Whenever a raid wipes, the first thing every raider should do is ask himself what he could have done better.  Reflect on how you could have positioned yourself better, or how you could have maximized your throughput better, or how you could have used cooldowns better.  We all try to analyze how we contributed to the wipe.  Here’s what is frustrating for me about Magmaw… and its not something I ever said during the raid.

Its an easy fight for melee dps, so the wipes are never my fault.

There – I admitted it, and I sound like a jerk.  I don’t want that statement to come off as me claiming that I am better than the other players.  Quite the contrary.  I feel like that fight is unusually demanding on ranged players and especially on healers while being exceptionally easy on melee dps.

All I have to do as melee dps is an uninterrupted rotation, then jump on his back and chain him, then dps the head.  Repeat.  Its almost impossible for me to make a mistake.  In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that there was nothing I could have done better on any of our attempts that would have improved the outcome.

So when we wipe once or twice, I shrug it off as “it happens”.  When we wipe 5-6 times I start to get frustrated.  Its annoying because those wipes are not of my doing.  There is no way I could have done anything to improve my performance or prevent the wipe.  After the wipe, I try not to say anything in chat or in vent because I don’t want them to think I am being critical, when their role is harder then mine.

I much prefer a fight where my role is as demanding as everyone else’s.  Then I can share in the difficulties and also in the triumphs.  Then I can use my skill to have a real effect on the outcome.  I hate it when an entire fight hinges on one person or on a single moment of error.

I’d be happy if I never saw Magmaw again.  Its an easy fight for me, but I dislike the fact that it gets me frustrated with my guild, which I love dearly.



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