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How Many Random Epic Drops Have You Seen?

A lot of us are going on 6+ years in the game now.  That’s a lot of hours spent online, a lot of mobs killed, a lot of leveling done.

In all that time, I recall seeing three random world epic drops.

My first one was in the Stonetalon Mountains.  I was leveling with my wife.  We had killed a mob – a Fey Dragon perhaps (it was a long time ago) and a purple item dropped.  At our level (mid 30’s maybe) I had never seen anyone with an epic item.  It was a caster neck (gone from the game now) so my wife got it.  She was quite excited.

My second one was in Burning Crusade.  I was killing Twlight Serpents in Nagrand to farm Cobra Scales.  Surprise!  A Blade of Wizardry drops.  I sold that on the auction house for 5000 gold, which, at that time, was the most gold I had ever had.

I didn’t see a random epic drop through all of Wrath that I can remember.

In Cataclysm, my wife and I were doing a daily quest in Twilight Highlands, and a random owl drops Ritssyn’s Ruinous Drape. Well, wasn’t my wife just the happiest resto druid.  She gets all the good stuff.  =)

How many random world epics have you found?  Trash epics in raids don’t count – there is a higher drop rate for raid epics.  I mean random, drop-from-some-random-thing-in-the-middle-of-nowhere epics.




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