Gear Yourself with Gold

A lot of people ended Wrath with a big pile of gold.  As we moved into the Cataclysm era, much of that gold probably went into leveling tradeskills and getting enchants on your gear.

If you are trying to gear up and you still have a fat sum of gold sitting around, here are some BoE epics that rogues might look for on the auction house.

Realistically, many of these won’t show up on the auction house for several weeks or even months, because when they drop they are being used by the lucky people that get them.  Eventually these will be found by players who don’t need them and they’ll go up for sale.

Head:  Tsanga’s Helm (BoE zone drop in Bastion of Twilight)

Neck:  Don Rodrigo’s Fabulous Necklace (random drop)

Shoulders:  none

Back:  Dory’s Finery (random drop)

Chest:  Morrie’s Waywalker Wrap (random drop) or Assassin’s Chestplate (LW)

Wrists:  none

Hands:  none

Waist:  Belt of Nefarious Whispers (LW)

Legs:  none

Feet:  Treads of Fleeting Joy (bought with Valor Points but BoE)

Ring:  Gilnean Ring of Ruination (random drop)

Trinket:  Darkmoon Card: Hurricane (inscription) or Unheeded Warning (random BoE drop in Bastion of Twilight)

Thrown Weapon:  Spinerender (random drop from pickpocketing) or Dragonwreck Throwing Axe (random BoE drop in Bastion of Twilight)

Fast dagger:  Scaleslicer (random BoE drop in Blackwing Descent)

Sword:  Krol Decapitator (random drop from pickpocketing)

Fist Weapon:  Claws of Torment (random BoE drop in Blackwing Descent)

It would take hundreds of thousands of gold to buy all of them, but if you’re needing one piece to shore up your gear then keep an eye on the auctions.

This list is only epics.  There are rare items comparable to instance drops available for every slot, so it is possible to completely gear yourself without running any instances if you have enough gold.


4 Responses to “Gear Yourself with Gold”

  1. 1 Revolver
    January 4, 2011 at 1:47 am

    Yeah your right,

    I bought the Cloak which is 2nd best ingame yet, the ring (its 2nd best ingame too). The Trinket (unheard warning) is not that really good compared to blue trinkets from heroics, the helmet is not that good too.

    What you really want to get is cloak, necklace, ring, KROL-sword (best sword ingame) and the thrown.

  2. 2 Cris
    January 4, 2011 at 2:28 am

    In Twisting Nether EU, thrown price is averaging 16k gold, belt at 12k gold, the helm now in AH is 40+k gold.

    At least price of herbs and gems were up lately and sold to buy those gears. Now i’m broke but raid ready.

  3. 4 Revolver
    January 7, 2011 at 3:36 am

    I bought the Assassin’s Chestplate yesterday for 15k. It doesnt have sockets but its the 2nd best chest u can have before u get T11 (which is very very much better then).

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