Does anyone pay attention to guild achievement points?

One of the commonly used guild progression tracker sites is GuildOx.  A quick look at the GuildOx main page shows the world rankings in raid progression.  As I write this, Paragon (Lightning’s Blade – EU) is #1, having killed 3/12 heroic raid bosses.

Raking guilds by raid progression is a long-time tradition in WoW.  For guilds like mine, its never been a concern since we are not a progression guild.  When I have checked sites like GuildOx, out of curiosity, my guild has ranked around 35-50 on raid progression on my server.  Are there actually 35-50 guilds on my server that are “better” than mine?  Not hardly.  But guilds have different areas of emphasis and some are not measurable in a simple ranking system.

Now take a peek at GuildOx again.  Down on the left side there is a menu, and one of the options is Guild Achievement Ranks.  Now that is interesting to me.

Will anyone who visits GuildOx even click on that?  Does anyone care?  Guild achievements are just for fun.  You don’t get anything from most of them except the satisfaction of cooperative guild activities.

But isn’t that one of the points of a guild?  Cooperation?  When we saw that we could get a lot of guild achievements, our membership was really motivated.  Despite all of the heroics and questing and gearing and other stuff that is going on, we had dozens of guildmates who volunteered to fly around the old world and work on guild achievements.  There was rapid-fire achievement spam in the chat pane.  It was an absolute blast.  No one earned any gold or fluff items from it, but we had fun and did stuff together that helped build guild camaraderie.

As of right now my guild, which rarely ranks in the top 40 in raid progression on my server, is in the top 50 in the world in guild achievement points.  More than likely, very few people will even look at that list.  But we know, and we’re a better, more cohesive group for having done it.


2 Responses to “Does anyone pay attention to guild achievement points?”

  1. December 20, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    Actually, we did earn some gold. At least my group paused long enough to loot most of the corpses.

    And thanks to Cash Flow, our GB earned some gold (maybe a whole 1) as well!

  2. December 22, 2010 at 11:08 am

    My group looted too, is why we took so stinking long 😉

    No one can touch us for geek factor!

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