WoW post-patch first observations

Yesterday (patch day) was, as expected, an all-day affair.  Servers came up around 8:00 local time and I was online by 9.  That gave me three hours to play.

My first task was making the game stable.  My add-ons were borked, of course, and I crashed repeatedly.  I eventually had to shut most of them off.  Dalaran was incredibly laggy for me (again, as expected) and I had trouble even crafting the new glyphs at the trainer in Dalaran.

QuickAuctions3 with the new modification managed to work, so I was able to post a lot of glyphs.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of other scribes who haven’t gotten the memo about the glyph changes, and they are still posting at pre-patch prices.  I’m going to have to wait until their stock is gone and hope that there’s still enough market left for me and the other big glyph sellers.  Or, I’ll buy them out and resell at a higher price.  I did sell 2500g worth of glyphs in the first few hours.

I checked out the new Guild UI.  Looks nice, although somewhat sprawling.  Before, the little functionality that it had was compressed into a single Guild Control pane.  Now its spread out over several panes.  Its easier to use, though.

I was all ready to add an Authenticator requirement to our officer rank.  However, it won’t let me do that while someone is in that rank.  I’m going to have to demote all of the officers to a different rank, add the authenticator requirement, and then re-promote them.   =/

I do like the fact that you can see the crafting recipes of everyone in the guild.  That’s only moderately helpful now, because a lot of crafters have most of the recipes right now.  It will be very helpful in Cataclysm as we are learning a lot of new patterns.

After messing with those features, I switched over to my rogue.  I ported to Darnassus which was, as usual, deserted.  I visited the trainer and picked up my new/changed abilities such as Recuperate and Leather Specialization and Mastery.  I expect a lot of players will forget to visit the trainers, and so they will be missing their Mastery bonuses from not learning the ability.

I did my new spec, and then flew out to kill some stuff.

The new Mutilate spec played exactly like the old spec.  Sure, I could have used Recuperate if I wanted to, but at the current state of the game we don’t need that when soloing.  The only difference is using Vendetta as an occasional cooldown instead of keeping Hunger for Blood up 100% of the time.

I’m not sure if this makes me happy or sad.  As I listen to my hunter and paladin friends lament about having to relearn their class, I think to myself “that’s fun!”   I wish I had more new stuff to learn.  I’ll have to try Subtlety to give myself a little challenge.

I’ll have to see how the class changes play out in a raid environment.  I hope to raid this weekend, but due to guild needs I may have to tank on my paladin instead of test-drive the rogue.  At the very least, I’ll run some heroics in Assassination, Combat, and Subtlety spec and see how they do.

Also still left to do: reforging, learning my paladin and priest, figuring out the best glyphs and gems


4 Responses to “WoW post-patch first observations”

  1. October 13, 2010 at 10:45 am

    All of the current officers have authenticators and you will know who does and doesn’t have an authenticator so just don’t promote anyone without one. Seems to not be a bad idea to require any officer to have one.

  2. October 13, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Oh and I love the idea of relearning the hunter class. Its been fun so far.

  3. 3 Locamotive
    October 13, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    Greetings- I really enjoy reading your blog. keep up the great work. I was wondering, I havent had a chance to get on since the patch but plan on it tonight, What can you tell your readers about the Sub spec in 4.0? is it a viable spec again or is it still needing some work in terms of raiding and soloing? I also have some spec post over on my site at roguerespect.wordpress.com sorry for the mess I just moved in if you are inclined to check that out.

    Thanks in advance

    • October 14, 2010 at 9:53 am

      Here’s the problem – I can’t test it. Sub spec is impossible to test out solo because it depends on the combo points from Honor Among Thieves to power its 3-finisher rotations.

      So, until I start raiding I won’t be able to tell.

      Its on my “to do” list, though.

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