Bored? Go work for someone who’s INSANE

With things winding down, a lot of people are tackling tasks that they just never had time for.  Whether its doing the Loremaster achievement, running the Opening of the AQ Gates questline, or grinding out Bloodsail rep for the hat, there are some long, long, long grinds available for those who have the time.

But the biggest grind is the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength.

I’m not suggesting that you go out and do this.  It takes a special person to tackle that series of rep grinds.  Even myself, who has over 30 exalted reputations, wouldn’t really consider attempting this achievement.

But for those who do… they need rogues.  They need rogues baaaaadddd.

One of the reputations for the Insane title is Ravenholdt.  There is only one way to get to Exalted with them, and that’s by turning in Heavy Junkboxes at Ravenholdt Manor.  LOTS of them.  Thousands. And there’s only one way to get Heavy Junkboxes, and that’s by pickpocketing mobs in the 50-60 range.

See where this is going?  You can sell your services to a non-rogue going for this achievement.

Two approaches to this:

(1) Go out and pickpocket a whole bunch of Heavy Junkboxes.  Then advertise in Trade chat that you’re selling them.

(2) Find someone who is already doing the Insane title, and offer your services.  Agree on a price per Junkbox in advance.  Then go farm them.

A good place to look is on your realm forums.  There is often someone advertising that they are looking for a rogue to help them.

You can do stealth runs of Lower Blackrock Spire, pickpocketing every humanoid that you see to collect these.  Also, Tyr’s Hand in Eastern Plaguelands is a good spot.  The spectators in the Ring of Law in Blackrock Depths are a good choice as well.  You don’t even have to kill anything (unless you are seen).  Use the Glyph of Pick Pocket to help.

Its probably not the most efficient way of making gold.  But if you’ve got nothing else to do, its a way to pass the time.


2 Responses to “Bored? Go work for someone who’s INSANE”

  1. September 10, 2010 at 8:42 am

    Apparently only the people that hate you care if you pick their pockets. So the best way to do the mobs in BRD if you’re not level 80 yet is to go ahead and clear out the Arena quest down below so that they become neutral, and then go up and pick pocket them. Doing this you can actually pick them at level without worrying about drawing agro because they won’t see you to break stealth. You can do the same with the mobs in the tavern, though I’m not sure how many of them are in the right level bracket.

    If you’re above level 65 or so, then LBRS is the best investment of your time though.

    • September 10, 2010 at 9:10 am

      Personally I liked farming the mobs in Scholo for boxes while working on my Ravenholt rep.

      All but about a dozen of the mobs have the potential of carrying the boxes, they are all VERY close together and by the time you do a complete sweep of the first set will have re spawned stuff in their pockets allowing for another re sweep. It is also much closer to Ravenholt for turn in. Just my two cents.

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