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The Death of 25 mans? Nah, just the death of kewl lootz.

I’m a few weeks late getting to this issue.

After Blizzard announced the fact that 10 and 25 man raids will share a lockout in Cataclysm, all over the internet you read about Cataclysm being the death of 25 man raiding.

I’ve read a lot of reactions on a lot of blogs and WoW-related web sites.  There is common theme in a lot of these discussions.  Lots of bloggers and commenters are saying that they prefer 25 man raids because they are “epic” and that its not just because they drop better loot.  Many say that bigger raids are more fun.  Some even cite the 40-man raids as a model.

If there are so many people that feel that 25-man raiding is more fun, then why would it die?  All it takes is 25 people who all agree that big raids are more fun, and there you go.  You’ve got a raid group.

If that is the case, then I don’t see why there won’t be 25 man raids.


I think that some (if not many) of the people lamenting the demise of 25 man raids are being dishonest with themselves.  They make claim that 25-man raiding is more fun because its more “epic,”  but really that’s a false front to justify that they want the better loot.  That’s it.  End of story.  Whatever claims they make about their “love” of 25-man raids go back to loot and e-peening.

I’m not saying that about everyone.  But I suspect that its quite a lot of people.

If fans truly love the large raids because of their size, then they will still do 25-mans in Cataclysm, because they will find others that share their love of large raids. Yes, guilds may reorganize over this as players move around to group with others of like mind.  But 25-man raiding will continue.

The 25-man raids might be guilds that are more casual, and based around friendship and camaraderie rather than progression.  Progression-focused guilds may tend toward 10-man raids because their intensity causes the difficulties in running 25-man raids.  When the raid group is more casual and laid back and forgiving, then the larger number of raid spots seems less of a problem.

I might be wrong.  Its possible that 25-man raids will die a quick and grisly death.  If that happens, though, then it does support my suspicion that it was all about the lewts after all.



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