Another blogger from my guild

Despite being very casual, my guild has always enjoyed a measure of stability and success.  No offense meant to the dps and tanks in my guild that read this blog, but a huge part of our guild’s strength is our healing corps.  Since BC, we have reaped the benefits of a very talented group of healers.  (We also have outstanding tanks… see Primal Precision for evidence)

The top dog among the healers in my guild has recently started his own blog about playing as a resto druid.  Its called I Be A Tree.  If you’re a druid, or any healer type, take note.  He knows his stuff.

P.S. – Pretty soon, every time something interesting happens in the guild there is going to be a race of people alt-tabbing out of the game to blog about it.


1 Response to “Another blogger from my guild”

  1. 1 argathne
    April 23, 2010 at 2:38 am

    Speaking of Blogs Din. I actually made mine. Haven’t updated it lately. But i mean the link is http://argathne.wordpress.com/ =)

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