ICC Buff Lets us Bring in Newer Players

Last night we had no raid scheduled.  As such, there weren’t a whole lot of folks online.  There were a good group of core raiders, and then an assortment of newer 80’s looking to do heroics and gear up.

Normally this would mean a night with no raid.  However, Blizzard gave us a 10% buff in ICC this week.  We assembled a group together and gave it a go.  A few of the players had not raided at all in Wrath, while a couple others had raided but not in ICC.  Sprinkled in there were our main tank, one core dps (me) and two of our main healers.  With this group, we figured that we could get maybe the first two or three bosses down and have some fun.

To our pleasant surprise, we were able to get the first four bosses, including a one-shot of Saurfang.  We had a couple of wipes on Deathwhisper, but other than that the run was smooth.  Our newly-80 DK who wants to tank picked up a couple of nice pieces that might bring his budding tanking set to 540 defense.  I finally got my Shawl of Nerubian Silk after many, many Marrowgar kills without seeing it.

Has the 10% buff trivialized ICC?  Well, maybe the first four bosses.  We breezed through it with a group that was undergeared and ill-prepared.  However, the fights beyond the first four are tough for reasons other than gear.  I doubt that my ICC 10 group from last night could have done Rotface or Festergut or any other bosses past Saurfang.

I still think that these buffs have come maybe a little too soon.  But we got some newer players valuable experience and gear, and so I’ll look at this as a nice benefit.


2 Responses to “ICC Buff Lets us Bring in Newer Players”

  1. 1 karmakin
    April 2, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    I actually wouldn’t say it trivialized the fights (I think a well geared group trivialized those fights before the buff). Mechanics still need to be understood and followed or you will wipe. Now, some fights CAN be trivialized. I think Hydross in SSC after the 30% nerf is a good example. It would be like if you had enough health to just sit there in Heigen’s flames (or enough DPS to kill him before a full dance phase).

    There’s too much tank damage, too much raid damage of the deadly avoidable kind, for fights to be rendered trivial by gear. Now, fights are rendered trivial by skill and experience. But that’s different than cheesing the mechanics.

  2. April 2, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    I agree; you have to be above “special helmet” to make it though these fights, at least Deathwhisper. DPS still needs to be balanced and such, but it is nice to see some of my guildies who have busier RL stuff get to wear the daddy pants and dance with the devils in ICC. Uphill in the snow both ways… but we can have fun with this, too.

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