Lack of posts reflects lack of activity

Haven’t posted in almost two weeks.  That’s mostly because there has been nothing going on.  I took a week off from WoW (due to work, not by choice) and have had limited time otherwise.  So, here’s a generic “what have I been doing” post.

Raiding: not much.  We’re being pulled in too many directions.  Since we aspire to run 25-man raids, and we are a casual-friendly guild, we are committed to doing as much 25-man content as possible and getting everyone involved.  One night a week we do the weekly raid quest for everyone online.  Then one or two nights a week we do 25-man ToC or something similar.  We aren’t able to handle 25-man ICC at this time, so we’re surfing behind the progression curve.

Our 10-man team is capable of ICC, but its hard to find time.  Three nights are already accounted for as listed above.  We spend one night each week clearing lower ICC.  Honestly, most of our raiders are not into raiding more than four nights a week.  That has kept us from having any serious time to work on upper ICC.

Solution: unknown.  We could stop running organized weekly raid quests and let people pug them, which would free up another night for progression raiding.  That’s not optimal.  We could only dedicate one of our scheduled guild raid nights to 25-man raids, since we can’t do anything more than ToC anyway.

Guild: generally good, but could be better.  We’re still hovering around 20-24 regular raiders.  Every time we get one geared, someone else stops playing or leaves.  Then we bring in a new recruit with no gear or experience and have to work them in.  Our core is still great, though, and generally happy.  I am certain that there are a few who are a bit disgruntled at our lack of progression, though, so I’m not sure how long the peace will last.

My main, Dinaer (rogue): not so good.  I barely play him anymore.  I log onto him and do a random dungeon each day for my two emblems, and that’s about it.  Sometimes I raid with him, and sometimes I raid on my pally.  A month ago, Dinaer was one of the guild’s best geared players and easily the top dps.  Now there are many players who outgear him and I’m no longer a top damage dealer.  I’m close to getting my 2-piece T10 bonus, so maybe that will help.

My alt, Derence (prot pally): Not bad.  He’s in fairly good shape, gear-wise.  He’s been able to tank whatever content he’s encountered.  I just don’t play him enough to get him new stuff.  He’s geared at the T9 level, mostly, with two ICC pieces.  I just got him enough emblems to buy his 2nd Emblem of Frost item.  I really only log on this toon when he’s needed, though.

My other alt, Metius (disc priest): Honestly, I gave up on this character.  The Zen of Discipline healing just wasn’t coming to me, so I stopped.  Now he’s just my tailoring toon.

So what have I been doing?  Leveling a mage, using only the LFD tool.  No, its not as fast as questing.  Other people in my guild have outleveled me greatly.  But the fact that I never have to run/ride from one end of a zone to the other and back for a quest is so worth it.  Currently at level 48.

My favorite part of playing the frost mage is survivability.  Often, during an AoE trash pull, my Blizzard will pull aggro from the tank (oops).  Then its Cone of Cold to slow them, Frost Nova to stop them, Blink to the other side of the tank, repeat until either the tank picks them back up or they die.  That’s fun.

My other favorite part of playing the mage is that I don’t have to move when the mobs move.  As long as they stay in range, I can stand still and blast away.  Soooo much different than the positioning problems with a rogue.

Other endeavors: I’m trying to do more Auction House profiteering.  I’ve done a great Arctic Fur trade and a sell lots of Netherweave Bags.  I also do well with crystallized fires, although I fear that market is going away with the next patch.  I’m not a hardcore AH player, so I’m happy making a fair amount in excess of the gold it takes to support two raiding toons.

I’m also leveling inscription and enchanting on the mage.  I’ve never had a scribe before, so this is new.  We’ll see if its as profitable as they say one I max it out.  Enchanting is just for convenience in enchanting my other toon’s gear and disenchanting their usless loot.

Aaaand that’s all.  More as details emerge about the next patch.


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