HfB buff reduced… that didn’t take long

When I posted about the size of our dps increase in the patch, I assumed that we’d see an “adjustment” in the future.  Well, it didn’t even take a week.  Its already been hotfixed into the game.

From Blizzard official forums…

Hunger for Blood now increases a rogue’s damage by 10% down from 15%.

Mutilate still has a significant buff overall from the patch.  Looking at my dps test in my previous post, I had seen a 936 dps increase due to the patch changes.  About 145 of that was from the Murder change, and that is situational so I’ll pull that out.  Adjusting the HfB buff down from 15% to 10% would then bring the figures down by another 35 dps.  That would still leave me with a very healthy 756 dps increase over my pre-patch figures.

This isn’t doom-and-gloom.  We’re still well ahead of where we were before, and we knew it was coming.


1 Response to “HfB buff reduced… that didn’t take long”

  1. 1 Thimble
    December 15, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    I feel like there’s a math error here. The change to HFB doesn’t just drop your 936 increased DPS post-patch, it would drop all of your damage.

    So we’re looking at 4589.5 total DPS. Let’s assume we want to remove 4% from murder, and also reduce the HfB contribution from 15% to 10% (more accurately, from 18% to 13%, since I’m sure you have it glyphed).

    4589.5 = x * 1.18 * 1.04

    3739.8 “Base” Post-patch DPS (No HfB at all, no murder)

    Scaling up to the 1.13 you’ll see from HfB yields 4256 DPS. Comparing that to your previous 3653.1 DPS yields a total increase of 603 DPS (or 16.5%). Don’t get me wrong, that’s not too shabby. And please, correct me if I’m talking crazy.

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