My first night in 3.3

A quick rundown…

First thing I did when I finally got into the game was go to a target dummy to do a dps test.  I’ll post the results with Recount screenshots tomorrow, but let me say that the Mutilate spec got a very significant damage buff.  VERY significant.

Right after that, a group of us wanted to go into the new 5-man instance.  We were well-geared so we decided to jump right into heroic.  None of us had read any strats or seen any writeups of the bosses, so we were going in cold. (fun!!!)

We had some trouble getting into the instance.  Like many others, we couldn’t get past the portal.  Our amazing druid, Karmaze, came up with the great idea of using the new LFG tool to choose the instance for our group and let it teleport us directly in.  It worked like a charm!

Forge of Souls (H) – some solid trash pulls that could be rough if you have an undergeared group.  I loved figuring out the boss abilities on the fly.  We made it through with no wipes one wipe on the Devourer of Souls, and a couple of deaths from the process of experimentation.  Not one but two Unsharpened Ice Razors dropped from trash, although they are very comparable to the weapons I already have.

Pit of Saron (H) – the trash pulls were easier because they were smaller groups.  The first boss was not too hard once we figured out the mechanics.  The Krick and Ick fight almost wiped us but the pauses during the fight allowed our druid tank to battle-rez the healer and we pulled it off.  I got Chewed Leather Wristguards from that.

We were in the middle of running through that gauntlet with the falling ice in the cave when the instance crashed.  We got booted out of the instance and when we tried to get back in we had the dreaded Instance is Full message.  So we never got to finish the Pit of Saron.

Elsewhere, the new map with quest tracking is very aesthetically pleasing.  I like the layout.  The Disenchant option for loot is convenient, but it is going to destroy the Auction House market for enchanting mats.  BoA shoulder enchants from Sons of Hodir is awesome.

Hopefully we’ll get back in tomorrow night to finish what we started.  My first impression is nothing but positive!


3 Responses to “My first night in 3.3”

  1. December 9, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Saw the Ice Razor drop also. I love the design of the instance being like a scaled down raid. Also with 7 bosses there’s tons of gear upgrades for the casual player!

    And yes the Mutilate DPS output was surprising to say the least…I’m interested to see your numbers.

  2. 2 Saniel
    December 9, 2009 at 11:05 am

    Not to shame in you front of your readers, but we actually did wipe once on Devourer.

  3. December 9, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    I guess we did. Selective memory.


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