Comin’ for you, KT

Ah, good old Naxx.  Our old friend.

Who am I kidding?  I’m sick of Naxx.  Still, it is a path to take for gear when your alt first dings level 80.

Yes, you can get now gear with Emblems and 5-man heroic ToC that are Ulduar-quality or better.  However, while you are busy running heroics and accumulating Emblems, there are some juicy items sitting in Sapphiron and Kel’thuzad’s loot tables.  Many alts never get a shot at them because its hard to get a raid to do a full clear of Naxx these days.

No longer!  In patch 3.3, you will be able to go to Sapphiron without clearing the other four wings first.  If I read that correctly, that means you can do a nice quick 30-minute run to Sapphiron and KT and get their sweet loot.

Even though I have been gearing my priest and paladin alts through other means, it would be been nice to get a couple of quick drops in Naxx to help me get ready for harder raids.  This is another way to help us along the gear path to Ulduar, ToC, and on toward Icecrown.

I approve.


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