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A Rogue in Ulduar – Mimiron

This is part of a series of posts about the role of rogues in Ulduar.  The focus is on 10-man raids, but on occasion mention will be made about 25-man strategies as well.  This is not meant to be a general strategy guide.  It is completely targeted at rogues, their abilities, and their strengths in specific combats.  Much of what is written could apply to other melee dps as well.

If you are looking for a more general overall strategy guide, try Bosskillers or StratFu or WoWWiki.


MimironMimiron is one of the Keepers – essentially he is a good guy that has fallen under the control of the Old God Yogg-Saron.  As such, you won’t actually kill him.  When you get him down to 1% health he becomes friendly and gives you a chest as a reward called the Cache of Innovation.

All four of the Keepers are challenging fights.  This one takes outstanding raid coordination and dps control, and a lot of positional awareness.  Mimiron is the hardest fight of the four Keepers.  Its a big stop sign in Ulduar progression for many guilds.

Even the trash leading up to Mimiron is hard.  As a rogue, there are plenty of trash mobs that blow up and can one-shot you.  Watch your distance, hang back a bit, and take control of a defeated spider-bot if you have a chance.

Once you get to the boss (after passing another frogger-like encounter) you’ll see him working on a Flame Leviathan style vehicle.    When you get close, the fight begins.  DO NOT PUSH THE RED BUTTON… that starts crazy insane hard mode.

This is a four phase fight, and the phases are completely different from one another

Phase One

MimironPhase1Mimiron will jump into his Flame Leviathan MKII.  Your tank will pick it up and (hopefully) hold it at the center of the room.  Mimiron will occasionally hit the tanks with a massive damage ability (Plasma Blast), so your raid might have tanks switching off to manage their damage-reducing cooldowns.  If so, be careful to know who is tanking and watch your threat, especially if you are using TotT to give threat to the tank.

Mimiron will throw a proximity mines in a circle around himself.  They will land outside of melee range, behind where you are standing to dps.  You’ll want to position yourself so that you have a clear path to turn and run away without hitting a mine.

Periodically Mimiron will cast Shock Blast.  Its a 3-second cast huge AoE, and it is much like Loken or Emalon in that you have to run out of range before it goes off.  Use Sprint if you react slowly, or Cloak for a one-time save.  Make sure that you don’t hit a mine on the way out – this is why positioning in advance is crucial.  One the Shock Blast goes off, run back in and get back to work.

Hopefully your tank will pick him up in the same spot.  Otherwise, the next time he throws a circle of mines it won’t be in the same place as the first circle of mines.  That could make positioning and movement tricky.

Mimiron also throws Napalm Shells at people, but those will only target ranged players.

DPS like crazy.  Your tank takes a TON of damage in this phase, so you want to get through it as quickly as possible.  I think this is the second-hardest phase.  When we were first learning this fight we would use Heroism here to get through it fast.

Phase 2

You have a break between phases to rest up and bandage/heal.  Move out of the middle of the room during this time, because the boss comes up from the ground.  The mines from phase 1 are still there, but they will blow themselves up before phase 2 begins.  Mimiron comes up in a large gun turret, the VX-001 Anti-personnel Assault Cannon.  This phase has no tanking and no aggro.  You will run up to the turret and start your dps rotation.

MimironPhase2The turret spins back and forth rapidly in a random pattern firing bullets that damage anyone in front of it.  If it turns toward you, run right through it to get behind it again.  Never let yourself stand in the path of fire.

The most important thing to avoid in this phase are the rockets.  A rocket will get launched into the air.  It takes four seconds for it to land.  When it lands it does five million damage to anyone standing there.  Watch for the red circle on the ground marking its landing spot, and move away.  I find that the red circle is hard to see in the melee area.  Since it is targeted, you might consider briefly moving out of range as soon as you see the raid warning to more easily locate the red circle.

The other ability he has is easy to avoid.  He will start firing a Laser Barrage and slowly rotate in a clockwise direction.  The lasers are probably going to kill you if they hit you, but it is very easy to stay behind the cannon and move slowly as it rotates, attacking it all the while.  Watch for rockets during this.

The whole raid will take AoE fire damage during this phase, but it is healable.

This is the easiest of the four phases, assuming you can avoid the rockets.  Lots of time on target for us rogues.

Phase 3

MimironPhase3In this phase Mimiron gets into a flying contraption, the Aerial Command Unit, and hovers over the combat shooting Plasma Balls at its top aggro target.  Melee cannot reach it.  Thus, he gets tanked by a ranged class like a warlock or hunter.  A warrior can tank using Spell Reflect, too.

So how do we kill it?  We have to bring it down to the ground.

There are three types of adds that spawn during this phase.  The Bomb bots explode when they die.  Rogues will want to avoid those.  Most strategies put a tank off to one side to taunt the bomb bots and soak their damage.  Keep away from the bomb bots and the tank who is taunting them.  This is tricky at times because they spawn directly under the hovering boss, so you do have to get near them now and then.  Don’t hit them or do anything to get aggro.

The other adds are where you will focus.  The Trash Bots are irrelevant.  Let the tank hold them.  They will die from incidental damage.  Toss a FoK now and then to help.  The Assault Bots should get burned down quickly.

The reason they get burned down is that when they die you can loot them for a Magnetic Core.  When a Magnetic Core is placed underneath the hovering Aerial Command Unit, then Mimiron gets temporarily pulled down to the ground where melee can attack it.

Its easiest if a melee class (like a rogue, for example!) is on Core duty.  When the Assault Bot dies, quickly loot it (make sure loot if on Free For All… if the raid leader has DBM it will do this automatically).  Have the Magnetic Core hotkeyed on your button bar and place it under Mimiron.  If you are not careful, you could put it in the wrong place and it won’t pull the boss down, and the phase will get prolonged.

When the boss comes to the ground he only stays there for a few seconds, so use trinkets and cooldowns when you attack.  Be careful with Killing Spree and Blade Flurry, though.  If there are bomb bots nearby and you hit them you could blow yourself up.

When he dies quickly clean up the remaining adds.  Its about to get really crazy, and you don’t want them complicating things.

Phase 4

MimironPhase4When phase four begins all three of the previous bots (Leviathan MKII, Aerial Command Unit, and VX-001 Assault Cannon) come back out and join into one huge robot called V-07-TR-0N. (see what they did there?) Fortunately, they are all at 50% health.  Unfortunately, you have to fight all three at once.

There are a few modifications.  FL MKII (bottom section) won’t do his massive Plasma Blast on the tank anymore.  It still does the Shock Blast that requires you to run out, and still drops the mines that you have to watch out for.  The Anti-Personnel Cannon (mid-section) still does its Laser Barrage and still fires Rockets into the air.  The Aerial Command Unit still fires plasma balls at its top aggro target but doesn’t drop bots in this phase.

So… craziness ensues.

As melee, rogues can only hit the bottom and middle sections.  DPS on those two sections.  If there is a Laser Barrage from the middle section, stay out of its path.  Watch the mines and keep an eye for a clear escape path when the bottom section does its Shock Blast and you have to run out.

Oh… I forget to mention something somewhat important.  All three sections have to die within ten seconds of each other.  So watch the health bars of the middle and bottom sections.  Try to switch between them to keep them around the same level.  Careful with DoTs as their health gets low – you don’t one to die while other sections still have a lot of life.  You can’t hit the top section, but you can watch the health of that one too.  When one section dies, go crazy, popping everything you have to clean up the other two within ten seconds.

Its ridiculous that a boss fight takes over 1600 words to describe.  This is a crazy fight – probably the most complicated fight I have ever done.  But it is oh-so satisfying when you get the kill.


The TL;DR version…

Phase 1:  run out for Shock Blast…  run between proximity mines

Phase 2: stay behind the boss out of his line of fire… avoid rocket impacts… stay out of rotating Laser Barrage

Phase 3:  avoid Bomb Bots… kill Assault Bots… dps the boss when a Magnetic Core brings it to the ground

Phase 4:  dps the bottom and middle sections… run out for Shock Blasts, avoid mines… watch out for rockets and Laser Barrage… all three sections must die within 10 seconds


Then the loot…  10-man Mimiron drops the T8 helm and… that’s it for rogues.  On 25-man he has the T8.5 gloves, the nice waist item Waistguard of the Creator, and a good slow fist weapon – Insanity’s Grip.

His hard mode is even crazier.  It makes me shudder to even describe it.  But the loot is nice.  Ten man has Mimiron’s Flight Goggles, and 25-man provides Delirium’s Touch, a fast fist weapon.



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