New Epic Gems Incoming

With Patch 3.2 comes a batch of new epic gems.  Of interest to rogues will be gem cuts such as…

  • Bright Cardinal Ruby (+40 AP)
  • Precise Cardinal Ruby (+20 Expertise)
  • Delicate Cardinal Ruby (+20 Agility)
  • Wicked Ametrine (+20 AP and +10 crit)
  • and several others…

You can see that these are incrementally better than the currently available gems… Wicked Ametrine > Wicked Monarch Topaz, Bright Cardinal Ruby > Bright Scarlet Ruby, etc…)

Jewelcrafters will be able to learn the new gem cuts by doing the Jewelcrafting daily quest.  Also in the patch, when JC with 450 skill prospect Titanium Ore they will often get Titanium Powders, which can be used to buy additional Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens.  That shouldn’t be too hard, so the trick is coming across the raw gems for them to cut.

How do you get the raw gems?  You could buy them on the auction house, but I am certain that the prices will be sky-high for a couple of weeks after the patch.  So how else can you come across them?  There are four ways.

  1. Be a maxed-level jewelcrafter.  The epic gems can be prospected from Titanium Ore.  The price of Titanium on the AH is also going to skyrocket come patch day.  So if you can’t mine your own Titanium, this will be vey expensive.
  2. Have an alchemist transmute for you.  There will be new transmutes on a 20-hour cooldown.  Each transmute requires a currently available rare gem and an Eternal.  For example, to transmute a Cardinal Ruby requires a Scarlet Ruby and an Eternal Fire.
  3. Emblems of Heroism.  You will be able to buy the single-color uncut gems for 20 Emblems each, and the mixed-color uncut gems for 10 emblems apiece.
  4. Honor Points.  An uncut epic gem can be purchased for 10,000 Honor.

Start planning now!

(information from MMO-Champion)


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