Emblem of Conquest gear for Rogues

emblemofconquestWith Patch 3.2 on the horizon, one of the more notable changes is in the Emblem system.  You won’t be able to get Emblems of Heroism and Valor.  All bosses in heroic instances and both levels of Naxxramas will drop Emblems of Conquest instead.

(note that your existing Emblems of Heroism and Valor do not go away, and you can convert Emblems of Conquest into Valor or Heroism if you want.  Epic gems can be purchased with older Emblems)

This reminds me more of the BC Badge of Justice days, when even endgame raiding guilds would still do heroics and Karazhan because the badge gear was worthwhile.

If your guild is not currently raiding Ulduar, it’s possible that you haven’t even given a thought to the Emblem of Conquest items.  Now that they will be readily available, lets look at what is available for rogues.

First off there are two T8.5 pieces available.  The Conqueror’s Terrorblade Breastplate and the Conqueror’s Terrorblade Helmet will run you 58 Emblems each.  In addition to being nice pieces on their own merit, together they will get you the 2-piece T8.5 bonus which gives you 1 energy for each damage tick of Deadly Poison.  Its not a great bonus, but every little bit of energy is helpful.

Among the non-tier Conquest gear the pieces I am looking forward to is the Belt of the Twilight Assassin.  At iLvL 226 its better than Ulduar 10 gear, with the nice feature that it gives both hit AND expertise.  At a mere 28 Emblems its a bargain that you can get from just a few heroic instance runs.

For 19 Emblems you can get the Broach of the Wailing Night.  Unless you have the neck from killing heroic Malygos, this is probably an upgrade over whatever you are wearing.  It gives Armor Penetration, which a lot of players are still not sure about.  Its nicely itemized though with crit and AP and hefty agility.

Also high on my list are the Gloves of the Blind Stalker.  Lots of agility and AP, for only 28 Emblems.

Want something with gem slots?  The Leggings of Wavering Shadow have ’em (although one is blue).  They are perhaps not an enormous upgrade from legs available in Naxx 25, but still full of agility and hit and AP.  You’ll need 39 Emblems for that item.

So if you are not currently raiding 25-man Ulduar but you want a nice set of Ulduar level gear, there’s your shopping list.  That’s a head, neck, chest, waist, gloves, and legs.  All for a total of 230 Emblems of Conquest.

Oh – and for the PvP fans you can buy all five of the Deadly Gladiator’s armor pieces for 46 or 58 Emblems each.


7 Responses to “Emblem of Conquest gear for Rogues”

  1. 1 Illianeth
    July 28, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Another thing to note is that Runed Orbs are purchasable with EoCs, so those are likely to be hitting the AH with greater frequency and hopefully reduced cost. It might be worthwhile to note the two crafted pieces, since at least one of the slots (boots) is not covered by other EoC loot

  2. 2 Kaelynn
    July 28, 2009 at 11:35 am

    Thank you so much for the post. My guild is too casual for Ulduar, so I’m extremely excited about the emblem changes, and was on the lookout for future upgrades. Other new gear will come from the new ToC 5-man. Even Emblems of Triumph gear will be accessible due to the fact that you can earn them from heroic dailies (although it will take awhile to build them up).

    Illianeth makes a good point about the runed orbs and crafted gear, assuming you can find leatherworkers who have the recipes.

  3. July 28, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Great point about the Runed Orbs. I was going to make a follow-up post about Emblem of Triumph gear, but I will also make a separate mention about the crafted pieces using the Orbs.


  4. 4 Hamacus
    July 28, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Looking forward to the changes as well as I plan to get my Rouge as well as my Priest, Lock, and Druid geared up.

  5. 5 Barrackus
    August 5, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    Was wondering when the T 8.5 gear was supposed to be bought with the emblems of conquest. I went to the vendors and the conquest vendor did not have either of the Conqueror’s Terrorblade Breastplate or Conqueror’s Terrorblade Helmet. It still requires the Wayward Vanquisher tokens.

  6. August 6, 2009 at 11:23 am

    The Emblem of Conquest vendor, Arcanist Firael, in the Silver Enclave sells the token, Breastplate of the Wayward Vanquisher, for 58 Emblems. Then you use the token to buy the chest piece from one of a couple of gear vendors in the city.

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