Tempted by Swords

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know that I am a Dagger rogue through-and-through.  I have used nothing but daggers since level 1.  The only specs I have played extensively have been Mutilate (currently) and Combat Daggers (in BC).  Also, I don’t do PvP.

Times they are a-changing.

Last week I broke out of my anti-PvP stance.  I bought dual spec, made a 41/5/25 pvp build and have spent my non-raiding time in arena and BG for the past week.  More about that later.

Now about those daggers…

The general advice for rogues is to choose your spec based on your weapons.  Because of this, I’m actually considering a Combat Swords build.  I have had the Rune-Etched Nightblade sitting in my bank for a few weeks collecting dust.  Nice off-hand sword, just as fast as my Webbed Death, good for Combat Potency procs.  Last night I picked up the Razorscale Talon when no one else in the raid wanted it.

So its time to bust out the dps spreadsheets.  Combat Swords with Razorscale Talon/Rune-Etched Nightblade or Mutilate with Twilight Mist/Webbed Death.  I am very comfortable with the Mutilate attack rotation so my dps would naturally take a hit from the learning curve if I switched.

Edit:  At first glance running through one of the spreadsheets, my Mutilate is still about 2% higher dps than switching to swords, mostly due to the higher crit rate from Close Quarters Combat.  More research needed…

1 Response to “Tempted by Swords”

  1. 1 Cat
    July 2, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    I’f you’re making the decision based purely on DPS, I’ve found that both Combat Swords and Mutilate are situational. On Hodir I’ll top the 25-man meter with 6k using Twilight Mist/Webbed Death mutilate, and I’ll consistently be rubbish on Thorim compared to the sword rogues. Mutilate rogues are single-target specialists.

    Comfort with your rotation is a big factor in overall DPS, and it may well take you a while to be as efficient with combat. By that time, another great dagger might drop and you’ll be starting this process all over again 🙂

    Personally, unless a spreadsheet shows me a *significant* DPS gain, I would stick with daggers. That said, if you are considering it just because you want to try something new, or there are no Throwing Spec rogues in your guild and you’re bouncing off the later stages of Uld as a result, I’d say go for it! I’m considering dropping my PvP offspec and picking up HaT just for something new.

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