A Rogue in Ulduar – XT-002 Deconstructor

This is part of a series of posts about the role of rogues in Ulduar.  The focus is on 10-man raids, but on occasion mention will be made about 25-man strategies as well.  This is not meant to be a general strategy guide.  It is completely targeted at rogues, their abilities, and their strengths in specific combats.  Much of what is written could apply to other melee dps as well.

If you are looking for a more general overall strategy guide, try Bosskillers or StratFu or WoWWiki.


deconstructorDeconstructor is a non-optional boss.  Its a fight that seems like it was made for rogues.  We get to use a number of our abilities here.  The boss is not moving, so most of the time it is a stand-still-and-stab-like-crazy fight.  We like those.

The first obstacle you have to overcome on your initial attempt of this boss is the pull.  Its not a hard pull, but when you hear his voice for the first time you are likely to fall out of your chair laughing, and then you’ll die from being afk. 

OK that was a joke.  The pull is easy.  However, make sure you know in advance where the tank plans to position the boss.  Its nice to be in position so that the tank is in range of TotT when you start dps.  If he is positioned off to one side of the room then adds only spawn from the far junk piles, which is helpful.

After the initial pull you get behind the boss and start your dps cycle.  You should be able to maintain a steady cycle without much difficulty here.  Save your cooldowns, though.   If the tank is far ahead in threat, use your TotT on other dps when it is off cooldown to increase overall raid damage.  There is an enrage timer so you want to maximum damage output.

There are a couple of things to watch out for during this phase:

  • Light Bomb – this puts a DoT on you and also damages anyone standing around you.  You can (and should) CoS out of this immediately.  If your CoS is on cooldown, you need to run away from the raid, but not so far that you are out of healing range.
  • Gravity Bomb – this doesn’t have a DoT, but when it goes off (after 9 seconds) it sucks everyone around you together, and then hits the group for a big chunk of damage (11k+).  You can Cloak out of this also.  However, it might be better to save your cloak for the Light Bombs and simply run out of range for Gravity Bombs.  In particular, make sure you are far from the tank when it goes off.

In a 25 man raid you only have a 1 in 25 chance of getting either a Light Bomb or Gravity Bomb each time one is applied.  Since you get Bombs less often, you can probably feel safe to Cloak out of either type of Bomb and hope that you don’t get another one too quickly.  In 10-man you are likely to get targeted more often so you might save your Cloaks for the Light Bomb.  In any case, try to spread at least 5 yards apart from other melee so that the Light Bombs don’t devastate the melee group if someone has slow reactions.

Periodically he will start pounding the ground, called Tympanic Tantrum.  The whole raid will take a bunch of damage here – 80% of their maximum health.  Rogues should help their healers out by using Feint to reduce their damage by half. 

At 75%, 50%, and 25% health he will power down and two things will happen.  Number one is that his heart will be exposed.  Number two is that a bunch of adds will get summoned.  Rogues are mainly concerned with the heart, which falls right at his feet.

It can be tricky to target sometimes.  You might consider making a macro to target it.  Go insane dpsing the heart.  Pop your cooldowns.  All damage taken by the heart will be doubled and passed on to the boss.  This phase is the key to the fight.

The heart has 1.5 million health (7 million in heroic).  Unless your raid is extremely well geared you aren’t going to do that much damage to it in 20 seconds.  However, if you do manage to “kill” the heart, then Deconstructor goes into Hard Mode, gets healed back to full + 50% health, and hits harder, all without resetting the enrage timer.   Make sure you don’t do that without knowing the consequences.

While you were hitting the heart in phase two, there were three kinds of adds that spawned.  Generally, ranged classes take them out so you don’t worry about them.  Once the boss wakes up and the heart goes away, the fight returns to phase one, with the Light and Gravity Bombs and Tympanic Tatntrums.  Before you start back on the boss, you can look to see if the adds need any extra dps to clean up.

  • Ignore the Pummelers.  They get off-tanked.
  • Stay away from the Boombots.  When they get to 50% health they explode.  Keep out of melee range. 
  • The Scrapbots are what you want to look out for.  If they reach the boss they heal him for 60k health (much like the Zombie Chow at Gluth).  They travel in packs.  If they are getting close to the boss, a couple of FoK can be very useful to wipe them out.  They can be stunned and CC’ed, but its just as easy to kill them.

During this, don’t forget to watch for Light and Gravity Bombs and be ready to Feint when he does Tympanic Tantrum.  When the adds are under control, get back on the boss and go nuts.

If you do a lot of damage to the heart, then you can get to the next exposed heart phase very quickly.  In fact, if your raid has excellent dps you can almost jump from one heart phase to the next without spending a lot of time dodging the bombs and tantrums.  This is the secret to getting through this fight with a minimum of stress. 

Oh, did I mention that he has an enrage timer?  Ten minutes.  So don’t slack off at any point.  Keep your TotT on someone whenever it is available to boost dps.  This is a great fight for rogues to put up big, big dps numbers.

When he dies on normal mode he can drop the creepy Treacherous Shoulderpads.  On heroic mode he has the Golem-Shard Sticker, which is a very nice dagger.  So, not too much rogue loot, but those are nice pieces.


6 Responses to “A Rogue in Ulduar – XT-002 Deconstructor”

  1. 1 Cat
    June 20, 2009 at 5:20 am

    Great summary!

    You can tab target the heart. I find also that positioning for melee on the heart can be quite tricky due to the funny perspective, and that attacking it from the front seems to be more reliable than from the back. Once or twice I have definitely been behind it in melee range, but my toon was just standing there for some reason, unable to attack. Attack the heart from the front.

    If you view XT’s room as a big rectangle, with the entrance in the middle of a long side, then XT should be tanked in the middle of a short side. This makes the adds easier to manage as you mentioned.

    Just on XT’s trash – many an experienced and geared group has strolled right through Leviathan, Ignis and Razorscale and wiped on the XT trash. There are 2 big trash packs that need to be carefully managed. If your raid leader is on the ball, you simply follow the kill order.

    And Dinaer, am I imagining things, or did you skip Ignis?

  2. 2 Cat
    June 20, 2009 at 5:24 am

    Also on loot: on normal hard mode there are nice (2nd best in slot) bracers and a gun.

  3. June 22, 2009 at 7:42 am

    I found that hitting the heart is easiest if you position yourself inside the tank, simply run to his spot when Deconstructor does his “so tired” emote, tab target the heart and go nuts 😉
    Another thing that works well for my group is to position all melees at his right leg, then have the person that gets the Light Bomb debuff run to the left. He can still continue damaging the boss and will be far away enough not to hurt anyone else. The only drawback is that people need to recognize the debuff and switch positions immediately.

  4. 4 Knife
    June 23, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    XT-10 Hardmode actually drops the Energy Flux Coils (or something like that) which are Best in Slot for combat rogues right now. That’s actually a pretty nice bit of loot. Also, the Golem Shard Sticker that you mentioned is something like 3rd best for combat and also pretty darn good for Mutilate too. Other then that, great guide, and thanks for putting it together.

  5. June 26, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    I hadn’t planned to include hard mode loot in these guides, but I guess I should make an exception for best in slot gear. I’ll go back and put it in when I have a chance.

  6. June 26, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    And, yes I skipped Ignis. I’ll get to him next. Although many guilds I know did Kologarn before they did Ignis.

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