Patch 3.2 /yawn

The patch notes are out for the PTR for 3.2.  As always, test realm patch notes are subject to change.  And also “as always” the rogue section is only about 3 lines long.

I can sum up the whole thing in a couple of lines:

  • we get to use 1-handed axes
  • Sword Specialization talent changed to Hack and Slash to include both swords and axes
  • Shadow Dance cooldown reduced to 1 minute, but duration reduced to 6 seconds

That’s it.  And the first two changes are really one change.  I take the lack of changes to mean that rogues are where we are supposed to be.  I like to think that we are the standard by which other dps classes are measured, and the changes to other classes are meant to bring them in line with us.  Or maybe I’m completely off-base.

So how many one-handed axes are there that are itemized for rogues?  The answer… not many.  A quick search of Wowhead turned up only the various PvP Gladiator axes and Touch of Madness which drops from 10-man Yogg-Saron, and a couple of blue iLvL 200 axes as well.    So presumably there will be some 1h axes drops in the new raid that’s coming.  Or maybe there won’t be and this is just for PvP rogues.  Was there a big demand for rogues to use axes?

I can’t comment on the Shadow Dance change since I don’t play subtlety.  It seems just to be another nerf to rogue burst damage potential in PvP.

Other rogue-related changes:

  • Glyph of Shadow Dance weakened, now increasing duration by only 2 seconds.  (So now a glyphed shadow dance is going from 14 seconds down to 8 seconds, but with a 1 minute cooldown.  That’s a big change)
  • Glyph of Tricks of the Trade changed to increased the duration rather than the damage bonus.
  • Rogues can use Shadowstep during the illusion phases of the Yogg-Saron fight

Lets keep our eyes open for more changes.


2 Responses to “Patch 3.2 /yawn”

  1. June 20, 2009 at 9:20 am

    “So how many one-handed axes are there that are itemized for rogues? The answer… not many.”

    Yeah, it’s so they can itemize future tiers – because enhancement shaman and hunters also want 1h axes, it’ll be easier to make weapons that are desirable to multiple specs.

    The shadow dance change is not a nerf – it’s a big buff. When you’re playing deep sub the dance is basically the only chance you get to kill anybody. Now you get them twice as often. The duration isn’t really a big deal because you’re limited more by your energy and you can spend that all on ambushes in the first few GCDs. It’s a good change, but probably not a big enough one to make subtlety really viable.

  2. 2 Jerald
    August 19, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    /yawn sums it up. Pretty boring changes IMHO. One handed axes? Really? Pointless to me, but apparently there are raiders going combat, so its good for them I guess.

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