Raiding – ready to step up?

Raiding is in an interesting place right now.  A lot of bad habits have been formed during the months in Naxx.  Focusing dps, marking pulls for kill order, crowd control, and using utility abilities have all fallen by the wayside in favor of the group-em-up-and-nuke-em-down approach.

I think that Ulduar will quickly dispel that.

Its not just the basic raiding skills that need to be restored.  Players are severely lacking in patience.  In Naxx, if a grouped wiped a couple of times on Anu’rekhan, typically you would see people dropping out of the raid to look for a better raid group.  I saw the same thing in an Ulduar pug, and its just ridiculous.  Its unreasonable to expect a pug to walk into a new, harder raid and get through it quickly.  Get ready for some wipes to learn the fights.

We are spoiled.  Time to wake up.  Raid teams that maintained some sense of discipline during the Naxx months will adjust quickly.  The rest will get used to disappointment, and slowly remember what it meant to raid pre-WotLK.  This is not to say that we will revert to the BC days where only the elite got to Black Temple.  On the contrary, the Naxx experience has filled everyone with the confidence that they can participate in endgame.  Sure, a lot of PuGs will fail.  But they will still exist in large numbers.  In the end, as PuGs start to fill up with better geared players, then Ulduar will ease up and more will get to enjoy it.


Our guild took a few token attempts at Razorscale this past weekend.  We hadn’t really prepped for the fight so most of us didn’t know what to expect.  A few of us had looked at videos online, so we at least knew the boss’ abilities.  Still, the too-loose organization was simply not going to get us anywhere on that fight.  Our tanks will have to be on the ball, healers will need to stick to assignments, and dps needs to pick up the slack.

As always, its not the destination, its the journey.  I look forward to learning each fight.  I expect that our guild will take acouple of months to get through Ulduar.  Some bosses may take us weeks to learn and overcome.  That feeling of accomplishment is what I have been missing for the past several months.


5 Responses to “Raiding – ready to step up?”

  1. 1 Dangerla
    April 23, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    OMG. You spoke almost exactly what I have been thinking.
    My guild has downed Razorscale, but it took many attempts and tweaks in strategy. It was awesome. I really missed that feeling of success when you bust your ass to kill the boss before the enrage timer. Ahh sweet challenging murder, how I’ve missed you.

  2. 2 Aellkynne
    April 23, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    I don’t mind, Dinaer, when we wipe, because I love to hear everyone screaming cheerfully in vent when we finally DO succeed and remember the joyful feeling of our successes that actually last through the next few successes AGAIN. And that’s why we have been in our Guild as long as we have…we suffer through the wipes, we pick ourselves up, make a few jokes..play the roll for blame game and set back up again. This is also why I simply wait patiently until the weekend to raid and not attempt the pugs…I haven’t the patience for the quitters and bad-mouthers…not anymore.

    We may have tried a few more attempts on Razorscale if it wasn’t so late…

  3. April 23, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    I’m excited about the fact that we had trouble with Razorscale. It makes me want to try harder next time.

    When we went into Naxx the first time and cleared a wing with barely a death, I was disappointed. The fights were interesting and creative, but too simple. Ulduar has me more interested.

  4. April 30, 2009 at 7:44 am

    It seems to me this is to some extent a sword that cuts both ways. Basically there are three types of players.

    – veteran raiders. We’re generally rather pleased that things are challenging but doable.

    – new raiders who can cope with challenge. They have been rather cunningly lured into raiding and based on their Naxx successes will have a fairly high resilience to wipes.

    – new raiders who can’t cope with challenge. They will play the blame game, demoralise themselves and others, give up pve to do pvp just like they’ve always done. If asked they will always say I used to be a great raider but my guild sucked.

    I can see quite a few guilds breaking on the rocky shoals of harder content.

  5. April 30, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    Very possibly true.

    There is always Naxx to fall back on. In BC there were so-called “Kara guilds” right up to the release of WotLK. Newer raiders might not have lost the fun in Naxx yet and can stay there for a while longer.

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