First Night of New Stuff

So I got online at about 10 P.M. Eastern time.  I allocated my talent points in the same spec I had before the patch, only with Master Poisoner instead of Turn the Tables.  I was busy at the practice dummy testing if the new poison proc-per-minute mechanic would allow me to switch out to a slower dagger without a loss of dps.

Then someone suggested we go try the new boss in VoA.

Honestly – in all the fuss over Ulduar, I had completely missed that fact that there was a new VoA boss.

So we formed a 10-man raid, zoned in, and had at him.  It was fun.  Playing on new content without the aid of endless strategy guides and videos was enjoyable.  Each attempt we got a little closer until we finally got him down!

He dropped hunter and warlock gear.  At least one of the pieces was iLvL 219.  I didn’t check the other.  He also dropped Emblems of Valor rather than Heroism, even though it was a 10-man raid.

DPS report – niiiccee.

My opening sequence has changed.  I opened with a Garrotte to get the bleed going so I could hit Hunger for Blood.  Then I use my first combo points to get SnD up, and then an Envenom to refresh it.  I am watching my Ruptures more closely to make sure that I have one going when HfB needs to be refreshed.

When I read the new HfB description it seemed like you had to have a bleed up all the time to get the buff.  In playing, it looked like you only needed the bleed up when it needed to be refreshed, and you kept the buff even if the bleed dropped off.  I guess its possible that the buff lost its effect when there was no bleed.  I’ll have to play with that some more at the practice dummy.

My dps seemed to be higher than it was before.  I was well ahead of the mage who is usually neck-and-neck with me in dps.  So either she had an off night or I got some buffs.  That’s with the old glyphs, too.  No one has the Glyph of HfB or Mutilate yet.

I did the fishing daily and made a bunch of gold on the AH.  All in all a fun first evening.


2 Responses to “First Night of New Stuff”

  1. 1 Saniel
    April 15, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    In Ulduar-level content, 10-mans drop EoVs. Heroics drop the new Emblems of Conquest.

  2. 2 Bootsmann
    April 17, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    HfB only requires that any bleed be on the target, not just yours, as long as you have a warrior or feral druid in the group you usually don’t even have to worry about getting rupture or garrote up early, just HfB after your opener.

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