Guild Meetings.. We Haz Them

A lot casual guild leaders just let the guild “run itself.”  Everyone does their thing, they have raids, they level alts, they do group and solo content.  It seems like there is no need for active management.

Eventually, though, the guild can lose focus.  People might enjoy leveling alts, which reduces the number of heroics that are run.  Players might not make it a priority to show up for raids, especially if its the same content over and over.  If this continues, players will start slowly jumping to other guilds where more stuff is going on, and where the members are more active.

I saw this starting to happen in my guild.  Two months ago, we were in great shape – every night there were heroic runs, every Friday and Saturday we had full 25-man raids.  Guild chat was active and fun.

In the past several weeks, though, it has slowed up.  People were often “hiding” on their alts rather than run heroics.  We had attendance issues with raids… one week it was 22-23 online at raid time, then it was 18-20, then worse than that.

Time for… a meeting!  You’d be amazed how effective these are at re-energizing your guild.

I posted the meeting on the calendar about a week in advance.  I also sent invitations using in-game mail for people who don’t look at the calendar.  Thirty seven people accepted the invitation!  That’s a clear sign that they want to be involved, and they are waiting for the guild leadership to get things going.  We held the meeting on vent, and used guild chat for side conversations and Q&A during the meeting.

My agenda was about our plans once Ulduar is released, and how we are going to handle Dual Spec and loot distribution.  After that I talked about the difference between playing in a casual guild and raiding in a casual guild.  I talked about the commitment that hitting the “Accept” button represents when invited to a raid.  I put a huge emphasis on the importance of clearing Naxx 25 before Ulduar hits, for the pride of the guild.

And what do you know… we had too many people sign up for our Friday night raid.  We had to put people on standby.  Its been a while since that happened, so it felt good.

If your guild seems like its too quiet, or slowly losing activity, then maybe a guild meeting is in order.  Have an agenda, talk about things that people want to hear about, and try to inspire them.

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