My Alt is now a Disc Priest

I’m usually focused on just my main character, but I do have a couple of alts.  I leveled a paladin to 70 when my guild was short of tanks.  By the time I got him to 70, though, we had picked up more tanks and he wasn’t needed anymore.  So I haven’t played him since.

I also leveled a priest to 70, most of the way as holy and some of the way as shadow.  I’ve recently picked him up again and went full Discipline.  He’s at level 73 now and has healed Utgarde Keep and Nexus runs.

I’m finding him quite fun to play.  I hear priests complain that its no fun to grind and quest when they are any spec other than shadow.  I don’t find that to be the case at all.  In my experience, the damage I am doing is quite sufficient for my needs (this coming from a player with a pure-dps background).  Of course, its a big difference in play style from a rogue.

With the rogue, I certainly killed mobs quickly, but I also took a fair bit of damage in the process and often had to stop and eat or bandage.  On the Disc priest I finish almost every fight at full health, and I just need to watch my mana.  Between the Shadowfiend and other mana-return mechanisms, I have not needed to pause much at all between fights.

Healing has been a brand new experience for me.  I installed Grid and Clique, and have gotten completely into the whack-a-mole game.  I have been a little hesitant to overuse PW:S on my tanks because it slows their rage generation.  It will be nice when that is changed in the patch, because this is the defining ability of Disc priests.

The only fights I had trouble healing were Skarvald & Dalronn in UK and Keristrasza in the Nexus.  The difficulty with Skarvald & Dalronn was with the group damage.  Disc priests don’t have a strong group heal.  I found myself going to Holy Nova quite a bit which sucked my mana rapidly.  I don’t have Holy Nova glyphed, but if I’m going to be using it a lot I’ll get that glyph.

Keristraza’s challenge had nothing to do with my spec, but just the mechanics of healing themselves.  Using Grid and Clique, my left hand is on my Shift, Alt, and Ctrl keys while my right is on my mouse clicking little boxes to throw heals.  As a habitual keyboard-turner, I found myself standing still too much, leading to the Intense Cold debuff stacking.  When I tried to move, it made it hard to cast spells other than instants.

This is part of the process of learning a role.  I just picked up healing at 70, so I have a steep learning curve.  I’m not going to do PuGs because I know my inexperience will cause wipes, and I don’t want to be responsible for everyone’s repair bills.

I have no intention of raiding on this character.  I will get him to 80 and see what come after that.  For now, he is fun to play and pass the time.  Unfortunately, as a rarely-played alt, I never got him the epic flying skill.  That means that when he gets to level 77 he’ll need about a 6k investment in gold.  Hmmm… maybe I’ll stop at 76.


4 Responses to “My Alt is now a Disc Priest”

  1. 1 Reigan
    March 16, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    I’ve had a similar experience with my priest alt. I chose to go shadow spec’d with a minor in holy. The result’s been that she plows through outdoor trash with ease, and also does surprisingly well healing in instances. So long as the group actually lets the tank tank, life is easy.

    I’m sure that when\if I get her to wotlk I’ll have to move to a respectable healing tree, but I can see a shift happening when dual spec comes out and this little one overtaking my mage as #1 alt. It’ll be nice to have 2 distinct trees, and someone always needs a healer…:)

  2. 2 Erzbet
    March 21, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    As a keyboard-turner and shammy healer myself, the best way I found to handle healing Keristraza is to jump rather than try to move around. The space bar is a lot easier to hit than any directional key when you are also trying to hit Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys. First group I ever did it with said to run around, we died a lot. Second group said to just jump and I’ve been doing it that way ever since. Heal and jump, heal and jump. I hope that helps.

  3. April 14, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    I don’t use the grid clique combo, but I have found that you can get through the Keristraza fight as a Disc Priest using mostly your instant casts. You need to toss bubbles on people every cooldown, along with renew, and keep PoM bouncing. I normally stop circling only when I need to cast Penance on the tank, or do a mass dispel when people get ice blocked (although you can just dispel individual targets on the run). The ice block leading to multiple debuff stacks will get you in trouble on that fight, since you then need to aoe heal the party. So dispel is basically you best heal for that fight.

    The PoH glyph is almost a must for Disc, with its limited aoe heals. I normally try to cast PoH only after I have cast a bubble, so that the haste buff from Borrowed Time shortens the painfully long cast time. Inner Focus / PoH is also a life saver.

    Good luck with your Disc Priest!


  4. April 14, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    Thanks for the advice. I was using the Holy Nova glyph for AoE heals, but I’ll switch.

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