A Rogue in Naxxramas – Thaddius

This is part of a series describing rogue tactics for the bosses in Naxxramas. The focus is on the 10-man version of the fights, since that’s what most people will be running. If you have suggestions for alternate strategies, or if I say something that you disagree with, please put it in the comments.

These are not meant to be full raid strategy guides. They are written to describe the role of rogues (or other melee dps) during the encounters. For full strategy guides refer to Bosskillers or WoWWiki.


Thaddius is a fun fight.  However, the mechanics make it somewhat unforgiving of mistakes, probably more so than other Naxx bosses.  You need the majority of the raid to do what they are supposed to do in order to take this guy down.  Very little of this is rogue-specific, or even melee-specific.  Everyone is trying to do the same thing – stay alive and maintain high dps.

The first phase isn’t even on Thaddius.  He has two guys standing on separate platforms in front of him (Feugen and Stalagg).  Each one needs to be tanked and dpsed.  However, they have to die within 5 seconds of each other or they resurrect with full health.  This is a tank and spank phase, monitoring dps to make sure that both of them are going to die at about the same time. Just to complicate things, every 30 seconds they toss the tanks across the room and switch tanks.  The tanks inherit each other’s threat, so it doesn’t really interrupt things much.  It just makes it hard to use your Tricks of the Trade unless you know which tank is in front of you at each moment.

Once Feugen and Stalagg are dead comes the second part – the jump.  You have to jump off of the platforms and land on Thaddius’ stage.  If you miss, you have to swim all the way back to the front of the room and run back.  You might miss getting a charge, which would necessitate that you sit out of the fight for a while.

Tip: use Sprint.  With Sprint up, you really can’t miss the jump.  Just run off the edge and you’ll make it to the stage.

Thaddius will become active a few seconds later and the tank picks him up.  DPS for a few seconds, until…


Thaddius will assign everyone in the group either a positive or negative charge (remember Mechano-Lord Capacitus in heroic Mechanar?).  You have 4 seconds to split the raid up… most raids put the positive charges on the right and the negative charges on the left.  There are other strategies as well with triangle arrangements or other variations.  Listen carefully to your raid leader.  Check your charge and run to your spot.

Every 30 seconds he re-casts the Polarity Shift.  Your charge might change or it might stay the same.  If it changes, run right through Thaddius to the other side (or to wherever your raid’s strategy tells you to go).  You have a 4-second window to get to the right place, so don’t delay.

Predictably, if a negative person gets near a positive person then they both take damage.  If a negative gets in the middle of a group of positives, he’s toast.

However, the charges are more important than that.  If everyone with the same charge stands on top of each other, you get a 10% damage increase per person.  That means that in a heroic raid, if eleven of you are on the same side of Thaddius all stacked together, you have a 100% damage increase!  Woo-hoo!  Make sure that both melee and ranged players are almost directly on top of one another.

Unfortunately, Thaddius is tuned very tightly (on the 25-man version at least).  You need that damage buff in order to do enough dps to kill him before his enrage at six minutes.  If one person dies, you not only lose his dps, but you also lose his 10% damage buff for everyone on his side of Thaddius.  For this reason, just about everyone needs to stay alive for the whole fight.  That’s the unforgiving part.  A couple of inattentive players can sabotage this fight for the whole raid.

Edit – something I forgot… don’t use Killing Spree on this fight.  It will move you behind Thaddius, which could leave you surrounded by players with the opposite charge.  Thanks, Saithir, for reminding me of that.

Rogues – this fight is all win for you.  The boss is standing still… you have big damage mutipliers… go to town.  Get your rotation going and stick with it.  Keep SnD up, keep Rupture up, use a Potion of Speed, whatever else you can think of.  You will put up huge damage numbers. Hopefully the rest of your raid can put out high damage too.  That enrage timer comes really quickly…

Deadly Boss Mods is very useful in this fight.  It gives an audio alert if your polarity has switched.  There is no difference between the 10 and 25 man versions except for the boss’ health.

Thaddius has a small loot table, and not much for rogues except the tier token.  When he dies (in the 10-man raid), he might drop your tier 7 legs.  He also has a nice sword – Torment of the Banished.  The heroic version has the tier 7.5 legs and the very nice Cover of Silence.

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10 Responses to “A Rogue in Naxxramas – Thaddius”

  1. March 2, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Whats worth to be added (this can be read between the lines as well), if you don’t have any of the debuffs because you missed the jump or got ressed, you will get damage from both plus and minus groups and die. Just wait on the edge of the platform (that’s also an usual place for druids to res people) until you get a charge. And possibly, don’t accept the res right away – let the Druid move away, so you won’t die the instant you spawn.

    Oh, and Killing Spree has its uses, but not on this boss. Use it either on the Stalag/Feugen part of the fight or not at all.

    Another thing I’ve seen people do wrong is standing too close to the boss and getting zapped by the charges from the other side. Thaddius has a quite large hit box, so you don’t have to be very close to him.

  2. 2 Eid
    March 3, 2009 at 11:04 am

    Yes Killing Spree has killed me on this fight. He’s sitting there, his back to me tempting me. Hit Killing Spree and then SPAT he turns and ZAP…

  3. March 3, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Good point about Killing Spree – I’ll add that to the post. Thanks.

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