Announced (potential) Rogue changes in 3.1

I put “potential” rogue changes in the title because its still early in the development phase of the patch.  Nothing is even close to being final until its been tested on the PTR.

Here’s what we have heard so far:

In the assassination tree,

  • Hunger for Blood – instead of a self-buff, this ability can only be used when there is a bleed effect on the target. However, it has no stacks and grants a 15% damage bonus.

That’s a very welcome change.  It eliminates the mechanic of repeatedly pressing HfB to keep it from dropping off.  In addition, the 3-stack of HfB used to buff damage by 9%, and now the effect will be a 15% increase.  So this is overall a nice change with increased damage as well as smoother gameplay.

In the Combat tree…

  • Adrenaline Rush is having its cooldown reduced.
  • Lighting Reflexes – reduced to 3 ranks (from 5). In addition to 2/4/6% dodge, this talent now also grants 4/7/10% passive melee haste.
  • Killing Spree – while this ability is active, the rogue does 20% additional damage
  • Savage Combat – now causes 2/4% physical damage done (up from 1/2%)
  • Mace Specialization – this talent now grants haste in addition to armor penetration.

Wow.  Blizzard has said all along that the Combat tree was not where they wanted it to be.  So they are giving it a nice shot in the arm.  The Adrenaline Rush change is small, but completely welcomed.  Adding 10% melee haste to Lightning Reflexes is a great boost to white damage.  Now someone might actually take that talent.  Savage Combat is having its effect doubled – giving rogues a more useful raid debuff.  And for mace rogues (hello?  any of you out there?) more melee haste is never a bad thing.

The Killing Spree change is cool, but a little surprising to me.  Blizzard has said that they want to improve rogues’ PvE damage without overly boosting their PvP burst damage.  Yes, Killing Spree is now a more useful part of attacks in PvE.  But won’t that be a source of bigger burst in PvP?  Not only the Killing Spree itself, but 20% increase to all damage done while the Spree is active, including white damage and poisons?  Maybe there aren’t enough deep Combat rogues PvPing to make it worth worrying about, and this will draw some more in that direction.

No love for Subtlety right now.  Lets wait and see what else comes along.


3 Responses to “Announced (potential) Rogue changes in 3.1”

  1. 1 Reigan
    February 6, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    Maybe its just me, but the HfB change looks like a double-edged swd. The only debuffs I actually pay attention to are the ones I put on the mob, so, with HfB requiring a bleed effect to be triggered, this change looks a bit like a nerf in all encounters except those where you are free to stand in one spot and exercise your Xe/Yr rotation to your hearts content relying on Rupture to keep HfB active. Otherwise you’ll be practically unbuffed…god forbid you stumble upon one of those Bleed immune mobs, no HfB for you. I wish they’d leave HfB mechanics alone and just up the % if they want to. I’ve finally gotten used to it. lol

    I like combat rogues are getting some love…although I worry that its too much. Since the expansion, I’ve enjoyed seein assassin rogues rogues top the dps and damage meters, but felt bad for our Combat brethren. The armor buffs on the mobs and hit rating changes really hurt them considerably, but I’d hate to see Bliz buff them to the point that they become the ONLY acceptable raiding spec again…it looks like, if its possible for a rogue to absorb those talents (give or take mace spec) he’d get a major dps buff…thats just my 2 cents tho, back to work. 🙂

    Oh! Sub doesn’t need nothin. After abusing the HAT build the last 3 months, they don’t deserve nothin. 😉 (kiddin, I’m sure u guys’ll get love too)

  2. 2 Frappuccino
    February 9, 2009 at 10:37 am

    HfB can be used with any bleed on the target. This includes bleeds from warriors, druids, hunter pets, and whoever else might have bleeds at their disposal.

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