Chef Salty

It was a good day for titles today… I got two within hours of each other.


The Chef title was easy – it just took patience and doing the cooking daily regularly. I actually could have gotten that title several days ago, but I had forgotten to cook a couple of recipes I had already bought.

The fishing title is what I am proud of. It took several hours of fishing in Fangtooth Herring pools in Howling Fjord before I caught the Dark Herring for the One That Didn’t Get Away achievement. That left me with only the Master Angler of Stranglethorn left to do. I had never even attempted the STV Fishing Extravaganza before, so I was going in cold against others who had been trying for weeks or longer.

I consulted the ultimate fishing reference… El’s Extreme Anglin’ for advice.

  • I got to STV early and set my hearthstone to Booty Bay (that’s absolutely necessary if you want to win).
  • Knowing that it might come down to the hearth, I shut down every add-on other than the ones absolutely necessary for basic gameplay. I didn’t want to waste time on the loading screen in the last race to the goal.
  • I parked myself just south of Grom’gol Base Camp and waited for the announcement that the contest was starting.
  • I removed my Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat… my fishing skill is plenty high enough without it, and I didn’t want my Fisherman’s Friend add-on to waste time applying the fishing lure. Every second counts.
  • When the start was announced I began casting in Tastyfish pools. I had a friend scouting around looking for other pools while I was fishing. That turned out to be unnecessary because I can track fish with the skill learned from the Weather-Beaten Journal from Zangarmarsh.
  • There is no courtesy. If one person is fishing a pool and there are no others nearby, you fish in their pool. If two or more players are fishing the same pool, look elsewhere.

I watched my total… 35…36…37…38.. two fish to go. I knew it had to be close. My next catch… Oily Blackmouth! No! Next cast… Firefin Snapper! Argh! I agonized that someone else might have passed me on those two unlucky casts.


I got my last two Tastyfish and hearthed. I zoned in at the inn and immediately popped my Sprint. I ran out and was alone at the dock. A couple of clicks to turn in the quest, and I had won! The Accomplished Angler achievement was completed. Not 5 seconds later, a host of others showed up, so I had made it in the nick of time. My one (and only) attempt at the STV Fishing contest was a victory!

Oddly, this was more satisfying to me than killing Kel’thuzad. Is that a statement about me, or about the game? I’m not sure.

Among my various titles, this is the one that I will wear around town.


5 Responses to “Chef Salty”

  1. February 4, 2009 at 9:59 am

    Oh well done! I’m jealous. I’ve got the Chef achievement, but have not had a go at the STV thing becase I have kids about and 2pm on a Sunday is just not a good time for me.

    But I’m really pleased for you! It’s the little things like those titles that really make the game for me.

  2. 3 Reigan
    February 4, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    How long did it take you to catch the 40 fish to win the event? I tried it once 2 weeks back and was amazed at how fast it could be over. When I attempted it (for my first time) a winner was declared in 15 mins. It was a guildie so I wasn’t too bummed, but by that time I only had 18 fish…

  3. February 4, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    It was pretty quick – I’d say 20 minutes or so. Keep your running to a minimum… find a spot where a lot of pools spawn. If you have to run a lot between casts you’re not going to win.

  4. May 15, 2009 at 10:32 am

    Nice! Well done on the achievements. “Salty” is by far one of the best titles out there.

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