A Rogue in Naxxramas – Grand Widow Faerlina

This is part of a series describing rogue tactics for the bosses in Naxxramas. The focus is on the 10-man version of the fights, since that’s what most people will be running. If you have suggestions for alternate strategies, or if I say something that you disagree with, please put it in the comments.

These are not meant to be full raid strategy guides. They are written to describe the role of rogues (or other melee dps) during the encounters. For full strategy guides refer to Bosskillers or WoWWiki.


faerlinaGrand Widow Faerlina is the second boss in the Spider Wing of Naxxramas. She has a unique mechanic that makes this a fun fight. There is an achievement that goes with this fight (Momma Said Knock You Out), and your specific strategy will change depending if you are going for that achievement.

In the 10-man version, when you start you will see Faerlina along with a group of her Worshippers. On the initial pull, dps goes straight for Faerlina, and let an off-tank gather up the worshippers. Pile the single-target dps on Faerlina as fast as you can.

She will do a couple of things during the fight to watch for. She will fire off a Poison Bolt Volley that will likely catch you. She will also cast a Rain of Fire. You can Cloak out of either of these, but they will happen often enough that your Cloak will usually be on cooldown. I suggest that you move out of the Rain of Fire, and let your healers remove the poison DoT from you. If poison removal is slow, then you can use Cloak to get rid of it.

Every so often she will Frenzy, which makes her hit the tank faster and harder. The way to stop her frenzy is to kill one of the Worshippers when it is next to her.  At this time you will change target to a pre-marked Worshipper and take it down fast. Note: the Worshipper has to be close to Faerlina for this to work. Don’t jump the gun and kill it too quickly. Let the off tank bring it close. (FYI: your Anesthetic Poison will not dispel her Frenzy)

Note that the exact way the raid manages the adds will vary depending on your raid makeup and who is tanking them.  Refer to a complete strategy guide to decide what is best for your raid.

Once the Frenzy has been dispelled, target Faerlina again and take her down. When she frenzies again, go kill another Worshipper to dispel it. Repeat. Make sure you have planned in advance which worshiper you are going to kill for each frenzy.

Further notes:

On 25-man, the role for rogues is actually easier because you’re not switching targets. She starts with both Worshippers and Followers in this case. Before you start on Faerlina, help take down the Followers fast, because they have an AoE silence ability. Once they are dead, you target Faerlina and stay on her the entire time. The 25-man version of the Worshippers need to be mind controlled by a priest and they commit suicide to stop the Frenzy. No need for you to help kill them.

If your raid is going for the achievement, then you will stay on Faerlina the entire time and dps through her Frenzy. This is much easier on us rogues, but harder on the tanks and healers that have to live through her attacks and keep the poisons cleansed. Make sure to move out of the Rain of Fire.

The 10-man version drops the Boots of the Worshiper, which are a great upgrade from the foot gear available through heroics. On 25-man you can get the Dislocating Handguards or the Widow’s Fury (a nice 1.6 speed sword).

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7 Responses to “A Rogue in Naxxramas – Grand Widow Faerlina”

  1. January 28, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    On the 10-man version, we usually have a single-target dps (most of the times it’s me or some other kind of melee) to reduce one of the Worshipper’s health to about 20k. When she goes into Frenzy, the adds and Faerlina tanks pull them closer and we finish the add, then I go and dps another one to 20k.

    This makes it a bit faster to kill, and gives a little less problems to the healers – you just have to remember that the add tank will be doing some damage to the mobs as well. 20k is a safe number to quickly kill it when needed and for the OT not to kill it too fast as well. Of course, noone does any AoE near them.

    It may be a bit better if you’re just starting Naxx and your raid isn’t geared to the teeth already.

  2. 2 Warstory
    January 28, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    It might have been dumb luck or maybe just our positoning, but I got away with killing the worshiper before the MT brought Widow close to the worshiper. Has anyone else killed the worshiper to stop the frenzy with out the MT bringing it close?

  3. 3 Illianeth
    January 28, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Our group is geared well enough that we just have 2 ranged DPS (moonkin and hunter) knock the adds health down and the rest of us DPS Faerlina. Our paladin MT takes the adds and our DK takes Faerlina. This worked so well for us that we actually had 2 adds left alive when she died. I do attempt to switch targets and dps the current add down during the enrage, but it almost seems not worth it if I have to sacrifice any buff/debuff uptime.

    @Warstory, we tank her at the bottom of the stairs and the tank just brings her to the top. She dies so fast to us now that I’m not sure positioning is really an issue. We 1 shot her after many wipes on anub’rekan our first night in Naxx. After Patchwerk (if you have the DPS/HPS) she’s probably the easiest fight in the zone.

  4. January 28, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    @Warstory: If you kill it before she enrages, it disables the enrage for 30 seconds, rather than for a full minute if you kill it after. Works either way, but you can run out of Worshippers if your group’s DPS isn’t good enough :]

  5. January 28, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    Our group uses a druid or DK tank on the adds, and they can get the adds health down almost by themselves. They hardly need any help at all, so we just ask one or two ranged dps to take a few shots. That leaves me to focus on Faerlina.

  6. January 29, 2009 at 10:22 am

    @Dinaer, that’s why. We mostly have warriors tanking – they do some damage, but not that much to wear the adds down quickly enough.

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