A Rogue in Naxxramas – Anub’Rekhan

This is part of a series describing rogue tactics for the bosses in Naxxramas. The focus is on the 10-man version of the fights, since that’s what most people will be running. If you have suggestions for alternate strategies, or if I say something that you disagree with, please put it in the comments.

These are not meant to be full raid strategy guides. They are written to describe the role of rogues (or other melee dps) during the encounters. For full strategy guides refer to Bosskillers or WoWWiki.


anubrekhanWelcome to Naxxramas. If you’re like most groups, you’re going to the Spider Wing first, and the first boss there is Anub’Rekhan, a huge beetle Nerubian. This fight has two parts. One is a stand-still-and-dps phase (our favorite) and the other is kiting and killing adds.

A lot of what you do will depend on how and where the tank faces the boss. Be prepared to choose your spot quickly.

Stay out of the green gooey stuff. ’nuff said

The tank runs in and picks up the boss. He will tank him in the alcove by the door. Direct your TotT at the tank so you can jump on the boss right away.

Obviously you want to be behind the boss, but try to be considerate of your ranged players. Anu’Rekhan has an ability called Impale which targets a player and goes in a line through that player’s direction. So, if you are lined up with someone standing behind you, you’ll both get Impaled if either of you is targeted. You can help avoid this by positioning yourself between the boss and a wall or door so no one is standing behind you. Obviously, this will depend on how the tank faces the boss. When he is being tanked in the door alcove, I try and work myself into that alcove.

You may get Impaled – its unavoidable. Get back into position and start hitting again.

Adds will spawn and an off-tank will pick them up. If your group is light on dps they will need you to help take down the adds quickly to eliminate their stacking acid damage. If your group has dps to spare you will be more useful if you can stay on the boss, since single-target dps is your specialty. If you are going to help with the adds, make sure to stay behind them since the 25-man versions of them have a frontal Cleave.

Watch Anub’Rekhan’s cast bar. When he starts casting Locust Swarm, move away quickly. Try to get off a Rupture before you move away – its good to let that keep ticking while you are out of range.  Your tank should start kiting him around one side of the room. You should go around the other side to avoid the AoE damage and complete suppression of all abilities caused by the Swarm. Be ready to start up dps when the tank is done kiting. In the meantime you will help take down any remaining adds or the Corpse Scarabs that come from anything that dies.

When the tank reaches the door at the other end of the room, Locust Swarm will stop and you can Sprint back in to get back in position. Repeat this until he is dead. Remember that once the tank has a big threat lead you can throw your TotT on other players to give them the 15% damage buff.

The 25-man version is not much different, except there are two adds instead of one and they are up when the fight starts so you’ll want to help burn them down right away.

His best rogue drop in 10-man is the Collar of Dissolution. For those who are still partial to slow daggers, you will be happy with the Knife of Incision that he drops (fast or slow, 143 dps is nice!).

On the 25-man version, he drops the amazing Dawnwalkers, the Fool’s Trial neck item, the Strong-Handed Ring, and the real prize – Webbed Death (1.4 speed!).

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8 Responses to “A Rogue in Naxxramas – Anub’Rekhan”

  1. 1 Cory
    January 27, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Is it just me, or did the bosses in Kara seem to have a lot more personality than the ones in Naxx? I mean, from The Huntsman to the Prince, you felt like you were taking done some serious baddies. In naxx, I don’t really know why i’m even killing these guys. I big beetle, some spiders, some guy named Heigan that likes to watch people dance. Granted I haven’t been ALL the way through and have only been there a couple times, but still, the boss encounters in Kara seem to have a lot more life in them than the ones in naxx.

  2. 2 Warstory
    January 27, 2009 at 10:50 am

    This fight is super easy. One thing I wanted to add was that I personally make sure my 5 points of rupture is on the boss before tank starts to kite him to the other side. Its not one of those things that has to happen, but it does help in dmg meters.

  3. 3 Warstory
    January 27, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    First off sorry about the double post. But one last thing to add. When you do get adds during the locus phase your OT may or may not get to all of them quick enough to get them off the healers/ranged etc. And as simple as this may sound just remember that you can help by using tricks of the trade on him and do a couple Fans of Knives. This will help out allot getting them all grouped up so the team can easily AoE them down with plenty enough time for the team to get ready to go back to the boss.

  4. January 27, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    I think that Kara had a much greater connection to the players through the lore. You could relate to the bosses since they were people Medivh’s father, his help, his stables, etc.. Big bugs and zombies just can’t have the same inherent connection.

  5. January 27, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    I do the same with Rupture, Warstory.

  6. January 28, 2009 at 4:53 am

    Well, the bosses aren’t major lore characters, but neither are those in Kara apart from Shade of Aran – they were all in his tower, yes, but that was it.

    Heigan is the mastermind behind the spreading of the plague of undeath through cauldrons.
    The Four Horsemen used to have Mograine (which is as you know loaded with lore).
    The necromancers and Razuvious are responsible for training death knights. The only quarter that is really loreless IMO is the Construct Quarter. They are experiments, but that’s it.
    Sapphiron was raised by Arthas himself, Kel’thuzad was killed by him and then resurrected, both are big lore characters (KT more than Sapph obviously)

    Anub here may not be a big lore character on his own (not as known as his friend in Azjol’Nerub)
    but like Anub’arak he is proof of the War of the Spider and the wiping out of the nerubians by the Scourge.

    Anyway to get back to this fight, I read the strategy guide and it said you can stun the adds, which is I guess a useful trait for us rogues if we are not asked to stay on the boss (which is probably a better idea).

    Also, question about the adds – I read they have an AoE web. Can we CloS that ?

    And how do I shot web ? No, just kidding on that one :p

  7. January 28, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    We’ve had an alternate tactics when we did it this week on 10-man – our tank just said that he’s too lazy today to kite the boss and we just healed him through it. 🙂

    For the melee dps it changes almost nothing – instead of the boss running away from you, you have to move yourself. You’d probably move anyway to do damage to the add that spawns.

    Still it’s a change in the tactics, so don’t be surprised if you want to wait for the add at the spawn point – they spawn exactly where the boss is on the start of the fight – and that means Locust Swarm on you if you stay there!

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