Mutilate Rogues – patch 3.0.8 means you might switch your weapons

For Mutilate rogues, since the release of Wrath the general advice has been to use fast weapons to maximize poison damage.  Also, if you had weapons of different speeds, you would keep your faster weapon with Instant Poison in your off-hand, and your slower weapon with Deadly Poison was in your main hand.  The reason for that was

  1. Mutilate had a bug that was causing the off-hand poison to proc twice on Mutilate attacks, so you wanted Instant Poison on your off-hand to take advantage of that
  2. Wherever your Instant Poison goes, that’s where your fastest weapon should be to get the maximum number of IP procs.  So, as a result, we were advised to keep our faster weapon in the off-hand.

As of today’s patch, that bug with Mutilate is fixed.  No more double-poison-procs.  So now, the new advice is

  1. You want the Instant Poison on your main hand, because then it has a chance to proc on special attacks as well as autoattacks.
  2. Since your Instant Poison is on your main hand, your faster weapon should go in your main hand as well.

Also in today’s patch – no more cooldown on Fan of Knives.  That’s a minor improvement, since it costs a whopping 50 energy so we still can’t hit it more than once or twice in an AoE trash pull.  But in a nice turn of events, using Fan of Knives with daggers equipped will do 150% weapon damage.  Its a small concession to the fact that there are a lot more dagger rogues than there used to be.

Also make sure that you note the new Feint.  The top rank of Feint (learned at level 78) not only reduces threat, but also reduces AoE damage by 50% for 6 seconds.  What counts as an AoE attack, exactly?  Will that work against the whirlwinds by the Dark Touched Warriors in Naxx Military Quarter? (even at 50% damage it will still kill us, so its a purely academic question)

The Saronite Shiv is having its stats reduced.  For a crafted weapon, it was very powerful.   It will have +35 hit (down from 55) +15 Expertise (down from 20) and +40 AP (down from 56).  Its still a nice weapon, but not as amazing as it was.  A number of other crafted weapons are being weakened as well.

One more thing in the patch – R.I.P. HaT bug.  HaT will still be a good PvE spec, I think, if the raid is set up to maximize its use.  But I’ll be waiting to see the new WWS parses from the rogues that had been putting up 6k dps before the bug fix.


4 Responses to “Mutilate Rogues – patch 3.0.8 means you might switch your weapons”

  1. January 21, 2009 at 6:13 am

    Started to play my rogue again last night (see my blog) and have always leveled as Subtlty.

    i really should try out the other specs but just now love subtlty too much.

  2. 2 Warstory
    January 21, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    I’m wondering if blizzard wants us sword rogues to switch over to daggers. I’m not really seeing any benifet to swords anymore. Which sucks because I just recently recieved hatestrike enchanted mongoose. On the brighter side of things, I’ve liked using this combo… TotT(on tank) trinket, blade flurry, FoK, adrenalin rush, FoK, FoK, and possibly another FoK depending on wether or not my six seconds of TotT are over and done with. It’s really helped out the tanks I’ve ran with plus it does put out a good chunk of damage that sends my DPS meter up. Now…if I only had those epic daggers 8(. Oh, one more thing before I go…Does blade flurry work with the FoK? I’ve been putting it in that combo but I can t tell if its working or not because there are too many numbers up anyways.

  3. January 21, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    You’re right, now that people can’t use the HaT bug anymore, we might see some proper testing on HaT and how it ramps up against the other two main raiding specs out there (Mutilate and Fist&Dagger CQC combat). I guess it might still be good if you have lots of crits from your party (BM hunters and other rogues maybe)

    And yeah with these new FoK changes, combat rogues can go to town with AoE DPS as Warstory said.
    I think Blade Flurry only applies to the portion of FoK attacks that count as coming from your main hand.

    What qualifies as AoE ? Any spell with a radius, I guess …

  4. January 23, 2009 at 8:48 am

    Dude.. hitting FoK only once or twice in AoE? :X
    As mutlitate you pick the target with most hp and probably is not first target XD and gain your ~45% raidbuffed crit +2 energy on attack, and then you spam FoK Aoe at 12k dps!

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