PvP for cooking

I am working on my cooking achievements so that I can get my Chef title as soon as the next patch makes it possible. In addition to hours of fishing to gather the mats, I was forced to PvP to complete the Dinner Impossible achievement.

If you have read this blog, you know that I don’t PvP at all.  I haven’t been in a BG since level 29, and even then the only one I did was WSG.  My biggest concern was that my inexperience would cause Alliance to lose, and then I would be the target of the arrogant, self-important loudmouths I remember from my old WSG days.   I was prepared to /afk out to make a spot for someone else in the queue.

WSG first… I learned that I got credit for dropping the Feast as soon as I did it, but I decided not to /afk out. I stayed on defense, got acouple of HKs, and Alliance won 3-0, which got me another achievement.

Next – to Arathi Basin.  I had never seen this before.  So I zoned in, dropped my feast, and then just followed he biggest group out into the field.  I have no idea what I was doing, but I went between the Farm and the Blacksmith fighting Horde where I saw them, and Alliance won.  I actually led in Killing Blows in that one.

Into Alterac Valley… Alliance was outnumbered 40-15.  I died and then a group of Horde camped the graveyard, so that was over quickly.  I barely had a chance to put out the feast.

Next was Eye of the Storm.  I dropped the feast, and then again just followed the largest group into the field.  We defeated a group of horde at the Fel Reaver ruins.  Then, to my surprise, I found myself escorting a flag carrier.  Alliance won this one in just a couple of minutes, which earned me the Flurry achievement.

Finally into Strand of the Ancients.  This was totally confusing.  I repeatedly found myself in the wrong place, usually surrounded by horde.  I attacked siege engines, then players, ran to the beach, then to a gate.  Alliance won that battle, but I had almost no part in it and was at the bottom of the damage and HK charts.

The entire process took about an hour.  It was somewhat fun, mostly because I won four of the five battles I was in.  However, it did not inspire me to start doing PvP regularly.  I will say that there was no one acting like a Napoleon wanna-be in the chat (again, probably because we were winning) which was nice.  Maybe if I’m bored I’ll give BG another shot.


2 Responses to “PvP for cooking”

  1. 1 Rochmoninoff
    January 21, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Another rogue who doesn’t PVP!
    (There’s a rogue in my guild with a single (1) HK).

    I like PVP – I like the fact that your opponent isn’t a robot.
    I like the control that rogues have PVP (which of course is why we’re so universally hated).

    But to each his own.
    I’ve noticed that many dedicated raiders (my guild’s GM for instance – he’s a warrior, not the rogue mentioned above) are anti-PVP.

    In my case I gravitated to PVP just prior to TBC and even more so during TBC because my RL commitments prevent regular raiding. PVP was the only way I could upgrade my equipment.
    That’s why I started PVP.
    It’s not why I keep at it.

    Why I keep at it is that it’s more exciting – esp if you group with some friends.
    AV is just too big – you lose track of where your friends are and/or can’t get to them.
    But the other BGs and arenas are great for working together.
    PVP gets my heart pumping.
    PVE is interesting and fun but not the same rush (unless you come within seconds of a wipe and pull off the boss-kill – and who really likes to cut things close like that continuously?)

  2. 2 Santico
    February 20, 2009 at 8:51 pm


    Santico here, I just joined your guild 

    Like I mentioned I was in a hardcore raiding guild and a lot of their members had outright animosity towards PvP.

    There is a misconception about PvP. Yes there are the children that run around and gank and then spam emotes but when you play BGs in a premade it’s a whole other story. You don’t bother which HKs at all. You stick to the primary objective. You work as a collective to achieve the goal of the BG.

    I was in a strictly PvP guild for a while and we were extremely under geared. Most of us were in blues with some greens and we were taking on full epic premades in WSG and AB. Sacrificing yourself running into a group of 4 about to turn a flag in AB just to buy those extra 10 secs that may win you the game. Fighting for the 3 top nodes because of their close proximity to defend. WSG matches that would last 3 hours even though the flags had been taken and carriers killed several times. It was a pure adrenaline rush and afterward there was nothing but respect for the opposing team.

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