Happy to wipe on Malygos

We tried Malygos (10-man) on Saturday. We gave her several tries and couldn’t get to phase 3 without hitting the enrage timer. We know what we were doing wrong, but knowing and doing are two different things. Its a fight you have to experience in order to learn it – strat videos don’t do it justice.

And that’s GREAT!!!


Because we went into Naxxramas for the first time as a guild this weekend. I was underwhelmed.

The fights were interesting. I give credit to the devs for making unique and well-thought boss mechanics. I had read the strats and was excited to see them first hand. But after we cleared Spider Wing in 30 minutes with no deaths… I felt disappointed. Then the plague wing – no wipes. When we finally had a wipe on Gluth in the construct wing, I was relieved that there was finally a fight with some challenge. Not really – we got him the next try. We actually wiped twice in the military quarter – once on Razuvious while we figured out our pet bar abilities, and once on Four Horseman due to one person’s error.

The next night we two-shotted Sapphiron and then two-shotted Kel’thuzad. There was absolutely nothing “epic” about them.Kel'thuzad's throne

I’ve complained before about the content being easy, and it was pointed out that the raids are “entry level.” Since I have raided before, I am not really the target audience for Naxx. I accept that. Still, the final boss of an endgame raid (Kel’thuzad) should NOT be two-shotted by a group on their first time in. I don’t care what experience level we are at.

So – back to Malygos. After the Naxx run was over we had a lot of time left. We decided to give Malygos a shot. What an interesting and fascinating fight! It challenges all aspects of the raid. The tank needs to be able to move Malygos away from the sparks, the dps needs to position themselves to get the buff from the dead sparks, and also to kill the sparks on demand. The healers have to keep up with lots of raid damage. The phase 2 mechanics with the flying discs are neat. We never made it to phase 3, but I have done the Aces High! daily quest so I know how that goes.

After six or seven tries, our raid was complaining. COMPLAINING! They are so spoiled! They now expect to walk in and down a raid boss with little trouble. Bah!

I look forward to wiping on Malygos more as we learn the fight. When we defeat her, it will feel like an accomplishment (unlike that wimp Kel’thuzad).


1 Response to “Happy to wipe on Malygos”

  1. 1 Warstory
    January 9, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Agreed! I must say though because this was my first raid, I did feel a challenge. But now that I understand the basics of Naxx it does seem kind of easy.

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