My Gear Going Into Naxx

dinaernaxxgearI’m settled on my gear going into our first guild 10-man Naxx run. I haven’t even run that many heroics, but with the smaller loot tables in Wrath you don’t have to wait too long to get the drops you need.

Head: Helm of Cheated Fate (from Heroic Gundrak) with Arcanum of Torment (Knights of the Ebon Blade Revered)

Neck: Choker of the Betrayer (quest reward in Zul’Drak)

Shoulders: Trollwoven Spaulders (crafted) with Lesser Inscription of the Axe (Sons of Hodir Honored)

Back: Ice Striker’s Cloak (crafted) with Major Agility enchant

Chest: Drake Rider’s Tunic (regular Utgarde Pinnacle) with Super Stats enchant

Wrist: King’s Square Bracers (world drop, bought at AH) with Fur Lining – Attack Power (LW)

Hands: Handwraps of Preserved History (quest reward CoT Stratholme) with Crusher Enchant

Waist: Trollwoven Girdle (crafted) with Eternal Belt Buckle

Legs: Gored Hide Legguards (Heroic Gundrak) with Nerubian Leg Reinforcements (LW)

Feet: Gorloc Muddy Footwraps (Heroic Gundrak) with Icewalker enchant

Finger: Hemorrhaging Circle (Heroic Gundrak) and Mobius Band (Heroic CoT Stratholme)

Trinket: Mirror of Truth (40 Emblems of Heroism) and Dragonspine Trophy (pre-Wrath)

Main Hand: Titansteel Shanker (crafted) with Mongoose enchant

Off-Hand: Librarian’s Paper Cutter (world drop, bought from AH) with Mongoose

Ranged: Drake Mounted Crossbow (Heroic Utgarde Keep)

With that, I have an Attack Power (unbuffed) of 3025, hit rating of 121, crit rating of 344, and 189 haste. Raid buffs should push me well up into the 3800-4000 AP range, depending on which shaman totems are up, plus my Mirror of Truth procs which can get me over 5k for 10 second bursts. Hit rating is a bit low, but I’ll use consumables to get that up a bit.

I’ll take it.

Note that most of my items from heroics came from Gundrak or CoT Stratholme. I strongly recommend that rogues run those two. Gundrak is full of good melee dps drops.


2 Responses to “My Gear Going Into Naxx”

  1. 1 Knife
    January 2, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    That’s some decent gear you have there. Nice to see the leggings 🙂

    Without using a TON of time to get Rep rewards (obviously they’re good, but have fun getting there pre-guild run of nax for you)- run Heroic Nexus. I’m guessing your expertise is doing well, but your hit rating is not. Go for the Crystal Infused Chest – +50 hit, decent other stats and 2 gem slots, and the Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood – +55 hit and +700AP on use.

    The only issue is, both drop from the last boss so the odds of you getting both to drop at once is rather low.

    The addition of +115 (yellow gem slot) hit will do wonderful things to your dps and shouldn’t damage your AP in any real way.

    Just an idea. Either way, you’re definitely doing well.

  2. January 5, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Heroic Nexus is the one instance I have run the most. And its the one instance where I have not had any luck with drops. I’m sure I will keep trying – it seems to be maybe the easiest heroic.

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