Pre-Raid gear changes at 80

Level 80… at last.

Here’s what happened to me gear-wise when I hit 80.

I had already leveled my LW to 440 and collected the mats I would need, so I immediately crafted my Trollwoven Spaulders, Trollwoven Girdle, and Ice Striker’s Cloak. Someone in the guild donated a belt buckle for my new belt, so that added a gem slot.

From my guild bank I withdrew a Librarian’s Paper Cutter and Chain Gang Legguards that had been sitting there waiting for me.

I did an Utgarde Pinnacle run and grabbed the Drake Rider’s Tunic and Headguard of Retaliation.

So that was seven new pieces of gear within about an hour. All of it is pre-raid, re-heroic, pre-rep grind. My AP went up by several hundred. My crit rating is still in the toilet and my hit rating is not what it should be. I hope that loot from heroics will solve that.

Here is how I stand right now:

Overall stats right now (unbuffed)

  • 718 Agility
  • about 2500 AP depending on which dagger and ring I wear
  • 230 hit rating with Saronite Shiv, 185 with Paper Cutter (I can get it higher with other gear by sacrificing some crit and AP)
  • about 19% crit (per paper doll), depending on specific trinkets (much higher in actuality once talents kick in during combat)
  • 15k health

Note: see that I am wearing five pieces that I crafted with Leatherworking. Yes, LW is useful for pre-raid gear. Unfortunately, I expect to replace most of those once I am raiding.

Now – a dilemma. Someone in the guild has offered to craft me a Titansteel Shanker. That would replace my Saronite Shiv. At first glance it looks like a good upgrade. But my hit rating is already low. To lose the +55 hit from the Shiv could be problematic. I’m worried that it will slow down my poison stacking and impact my Envenom cycle.

I think I’ll spend today at the Practice Dummy.


1 Response to “Pre-Raid gear changes at 80”

  1. 1 Misericorde
    December 24, 2008 at 8:21 am

    For PvE, I would suggest getting 2 librarian paper cutters, I myself had a titansteel shanker made for me, it is good, i use it for questing and anything under a 10 man.

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