Instance blahs

One of my goals in Wrath was to run each instance as I reached its appropriate level. That was something I did not do in BC, and I missed out on a bunch of dungeons (Underbog, Slave Pens, Auchenai Crypts, Mana Tombs).

I have completely failed in that goal. In fact, at level 78, so far I have only run Utgarde Keep twice, the Nexus once, and Gundrak once. That’s it as far as instances.



In the debate about whether the game is too easy, too casual, or just right, this is the place where I have hit the hardest. Every time I read in guild chat about a group that ran an instance despite being below its recommended level, it disappoints me. Every time I read about a group running a heroic with zero wipes, even though they all just hit 80, I just sigh.

As I have said before, part of the fun of instances was the challenge. Without that, they hold very little appeal other than sightseeing.

Here is a summary of my run through Gundrak…

  • Tank pulls a group, none of the mobs are marked. AoE and unfocused single-target damage takes them all down. No one comes close to pulling aggro from the tank. Healer keeps us all above 80% health. Repeat.
  • I die, and I don’t know why. Someone says, “Oh yeah, stop meleeing those mobs when they have spinning swords around them.” I don’t die any more after that.
  • Get to the first boss. No one explains any strategy. Pull, kill, loot.
  • The rest of the instance goes basically the same way. I seem to remember the tank saying at one point, “this boss does something different, but don’t worry about it.” At one time one of the bosses turned into a mammoth. Yawn.

Is that fun?  Does anyone actually find enjoyment from that?  Really, I want to know.  To me, it was boring and uninteresting, as as a result not memorable. Yes, I got a gear upgrade from it. Whoopee.

So, I expect that I may not run any more instances before I hit 80. Once I am 80 I’ll run heroics to gear up for Naxx, I suppose, and for achievements. That way I’ll get to see them, from a sightseeing point of view.

If there is no challenge in the game, I can’t imagine it holding my interest for two years. What does that say? I am a casual gamer. I am the one that these changes were targeted at. Yet I am pining for the way things used to be.


1 Response to “Instance blahs”

  1. 1 Warstory
    December 11, 2008 at 11:28 am

    Actually Ive had allot of fun in instances so far. I’m not saying that they are a challenge, but they were fun. In one instance the boss turned us “insane”. It was pretty sweet becasue we then had to fight ourselves all alone. I’m sorry i cant rememebr the boss but don’t give up there are allot of cool stuff you might want to go back and check out. But as for the challenge part, your right. Last night I ran Halls of Lightning at level 75. We had another level 76 and a I think the other three were 80’s. Anyways, if you havent ran that one, I’ll just tell you that the elite levels were level 79-81. I have no idea why we survived with no wipes.

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