This weekend was spent in Dragonblight.  I have really enjoyed this zone for a number of reasons.

Lore!  If you have followed WoW lore, or have read the novels, then this is a great zone for you.  You get to see and interact with many of the characters that you know.  the presence of dragon Aspects makes this zone feel not only exciting, but important.  When I went to the top floor of Wyrmrest Temple and met… well I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but as a lore nerd I was excited.

The quest lines are enjoyable.  They have a good mix of types of quests.  Combat on dragonback is particularly notable here, once you get the hang of it.  There are multiple quest hubs each with a few quests, rather than one spot with many.  You get to travel around the zone quite a bit.  I like the new types of mobs… magnataurs are neat and do not resemble a reskinned or slightly adjusted creature from old WoW.  The Tuskarr are well-made as well.  Except that one guy in Moa’ki Harbor who makes all the noise while he is cutting up fish.  My kids laugh every time I walk by him.

There are a fair number of group quests in this zone.  People are always asking in General chat for partners for the quests.  That’s a good thing, I think.  The General chat channel in Dragonblight is much more focused on the game,  In Borean Tundra it was a lot like… well, Barrens chat.  So far, my wife (resto druid) and I (rogue) have been able to 2-man all of the group quests.  Evasion ftw!

I like the look of Fordragon Hold.  The place looks like a wartime encampment – very spartan and with few people wandering around.  And you can stand on a ledge to look down on the conflicts in front of the Wrath Gate.  Very cool.  Wintergarde Keep has a similar feel to it.  I think Blizzard did a good job making this zone feel like a real war-torn area with current conflict underway.

On the (slightly) negative side, dragons are being made a little “ho-hum” by all of this attention.  It used to be that large dragons were extremely rare.  If you ran into one in Swamp of Sorrows, for example, or in the Blasted Lands, you knew it was something unusual and you made sure to keep your distance.  Here, we get to interact with them in so many ways that they lose some of their mystique.  We’ll need to find another type of mob that makes us stop and stare.  Maybe a massive Titan walking around…

So far I am halfway through level 73, and I still have all of the Wintergarde Keep and Moa’ki Harbor quests to do.  I will hit 74 before finishing this zone, and then I’ll be able to go to Dalaran.


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