Another reason why I love my guild

As we were running all over Northrend, one of our guildies – a hunter and good player, was still stuck in Shattrath.  He whispered me a few days ago and explained his situation.

He lives in Indonesia, and his English is very limited.  He told me that he cannot get the game yet where he lives.  He said that he is unable to buy it over the internet, because he does not have a credit card, and the game would cost almost half of his month’s earnings anyway.

He told me that his plan was to pay someone 2000 gold in exchange for a game key.  Clearly, this is a violation of Blizzard’s ToS, so I advised him against that.

In Officer chat I mentioned to the other officers that our hunter had a problem and wasn’t going to be able to play with us for a while.

Immediately, the officers decided to take up a collection and buy him the game.  With most of the officers volunteering to help, it only came to a few dollars each.  By the next day, he had a game key, had downloaded the game, and was leveling in Northrend.  He offered to give me the 2000 gold but I refused.  Rather than keep his gold, he deposited it in our guild bank as a thanks to the guild.

There are nice people in WoW!  Warcraft brings people together in friendship from around the world!  Let’s talk about that rather than kids collapsing from playing 15 hours straight, or stories of video game addiction.


1 Response to “Another reason why I love my guild”

  1. 1 Frappuccino
    November 24, 2008 at 10:33 am

    What an amazing group of officers you have in your guild. That was very thoughtful of you all.

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