Speed leveling – guild impact

dingIn an unfortunate coincidence of bad timing, I had to go out of town for a wedding this weekend, and I missed the mad rush to level and quest and run Utgarde and Nexus. I did get my rogue up to level 71 before I left. I’m not in a rush, as I said in an earlier post. I am reading quest texts and trying to get a feel for the lore of Northrend.

When I returned from my weekend away, I found that most of the people in my (casual) guild are not far ahead of me. Many of them have families, and so do not spend the majority of their weekend at the computer. Others are switching back and forth between their alts, leveling them each at about the same rate. Still others are working on Death Knights, and their pre-WotLK mains are still languishing at level 70. All of that is OK. The majority of the regular players in the guild are between level 71-73 at this point.

There are a few, though, who are in a mad dash to level 80. One was at 75 when I logged off last night, and the other was about to hit 75. I imagine that they will both be 80 within the next week or so.

Hey, everyone plays their own way. What I find fun might seem boring to someone else, and vice versa. But I worry about these players as far as their impact on the guild.

I worry because they are going to hit level 80 way before the rest of us. What will they do once they get to 80? I’m sure they will want to run level 80 instances, but the rest of the guild won’t be ready. So they will either have to run PuGs or run with other guilds.

And we all know what happens then. They get tired of waiting for us to level, and go hop to another guild that is doing level 80 runs.

Ah, well. People come and go. I’d like to say that there is something I can do to prevent this, but that’s the nature of guilds. We are not a raiding-first guild, so I am not going to start to push people to level faster to keep up. We’ll just handle the losses and hope to pick up some replacements along the way. (the potential drama is in the fact that those fast-levelers have a lot of friends in the guild, and could drag a whole group with them if they leave… but we’ll try to watch for signs of that in advance)

Its just another way that expansions reshuffle guilds. I am guessing that raiding guilds will be able to skim the fast levelers from guilds like mine to fill out their raid teams.

The way I am going to counter this is by making sure that everyone knows the goals of the guild. I’m not going to wait until the level 80s are whispering each other, trying to decide whether to stay or go. I am going to tell everyone right now that our guild is planning to start running 10-man raids as soon as we have enough people at 80 but there is no rush. I am going to lay out the expectation that we won’t be running 10-man Naxx until late December (maybe) or early January (more likely).

By presenting the goals in advance, it will push those fast levelers to make a decision early and think about their role in the guild. Why are they in The Dragons? Is it for the friendships and camaraderie and casual atmosphere? If so, then they know well in advance that they are going to have to wait for us to catch up to them. Yes, there is a chance that it might make them leave the guild earlier, but that’s probably better than having them jump ship at 80. It might even make them slow down, or work on their alts.


3 Responses to “Speed leveling – guild impact”

  1. November 18, 2008 at 11:24 am

    Yeah, I know where you are coming from. We have one guy who is probably 78 at the time I write this, and the next closest toons are 74-75. The majority are still in the 70-72 range. I will probably fall behind this week, but will spend the weekend catching up a bit.

  2. 2 Xtian
    November 18, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    Nice plan. Our guild has done the same thing. We have a fellow who’s a bit ahead of everyone else, but the leadership has made it clear that the guild as a whole will not rush to 80 and will likely begin raiding in January. That way people can make their decisions earlier and hopefully talk to people about the situation if they are at all unhappy.

    One cool thing I’ve enjoyed about having a slightly higher level character is the ability to hit dungeons that are higher level than what the rest of the team could do (and therefore more challenging). Especially if that higher level player is either a tank or a healer, they can downgrade to Azol’Nerjub or even Drak Keep while the rest of the 70-71 folks could upgrade to those same dungeons. Everyone gets a decent challenge and the higher level player isn’t stuck running UK or Nexus to be able to play with guildies.

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