Northrend – fun, easier than early BC was

We spent a few hours running around Borean Tundra last night. I quested with my wife (resto druid). A lot of my guild members ran Utgarde Keep and the Nexus, but I was in exploration mode and just did a lot of quests.

I remember when I went into Hellfire Peninsula the day that BC was released. I died several times doing those initial quests. The mobs were a big step up from the original WoW. Not true in Borean Tundra. I never died at all. However, that could be explained by the fact that I am in T4 and badge epics, and when I went to Outland the first time I was in blues.

However, I never saw a single person die among. Not one. Are the mobs too easy? Or are we all overgeared?

The same with the intro instances. When we ran Hellfire Ramparts on those first days of BC we had a number of wipes along the way. As far as I have heard, the Utgarde Keep runs are going smoothly, even though people don’t know strategies for the boss fights.

Other stuff…

We have something like fifteen Death Knights in our guild. At least 4 or 5 have already decided that the DK will be their main from now on. We’ll see what happens as time goes on and they have to play in Outland (again!) while we are all running around Northrend.

I love raiding as Mutilate spec, but after the first day of running around I think that I will switch to Combat Daggers for leveling. I miss Blade Flurry when I am fighting several mobs at once, as happens a lot when questing in the wilderness. I might try something like this while I am still at 70. I would definitely switch back to Mutilate for instance runs, though.


1 Response to “Northrend – fun, easier than early BC was”

  1. 1 GValle
    November 24, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    early Northrend is easier because blizzard thought it would be fun to make epics super easy to get in BC and then when they released the patch leading up to WOTLK they made it EVEN EASIER…
    so while the majority of guilds were finishing up t2 content before BC the norm was finishing t6 content before WOTLK came out. Another problem was that blizzard added sunwell gear into the game before WOTLK..though not necessarily called T7 officially, it was. It gave guilds a whole tier of content higher than they had coming out of vanilla into BC. I don’t know how it is on your realm, but on mine EVERYONE did sunwell practically (not I since i took a 3 week break before xpack came out) You can also see the inherent problems of this sunwell gear in the raiding situation at the moment. With Sunwell gear you can skip all heroic content. Why? because its equal if not better to all lv 80 blues. Thus the high guilds immediately started Naxxaramas, and being that they had done it on beta, had experience with in in vanilla, while i was plugging along in Dragonblight 4 days after release low and behold, i get a message. “Death And Taxes has gotten the achievement[Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxaramas]” having probably the best guild in the United States on my server is quite interesting. Their players are amazing and i’ve had the pleasure to run heroics with them over the weekend 😀

    anyways im done rambling. haha.

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