WotLK install… smooth

So having to work today did not cramp my WotLK style, because the delivery did not arrive until almost 3 PM anyway.

2:58 PM – put DVD into drive… you are diected to the Blizzard account management site where you put in your code to Upgrade your account

3:15 PM – install complete, begin download of patches

3:38 PM – completed install of two small patches, watch cinematic

3:40 PM – login to game, see 15 guildies on… 11 in Borean Tundra, 2 DKs in Eastern Plaguelands, 1 lower level toon in Kalimdor, and one 70 who has not bought the expansion and is in WSG.

Very quick and smooth.  I am happily surprised that there are no server issues as of yet.

I hope to get some good play time in tonight and tomorrow, although I have to go to a wedding this weekend (is it too late to cancel?).


1 Response to “WotLK install… smooth”

  1. 1 Frappuccino
    November 13, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    I feel like I’m dominating your blogs with my overwhelming bordem at work. 49 minutes and counting…

    I waited in line last night for LK and immediately installed it upon arriving back home. I was surprised at how fast it installed and patched up. I fell asleep during the last patch (doh!), but when I checked out the DKs and headed to Northrend on my main this morning, I was also very surprised to see zero server issues. Everything went smoothly. Big props to Blizz!

    Unfortunately I work at my other job about 30min after I get home from this job, so my WotLK time will be the remainder of tonight followed by an all day Cheez-It and Ramen fun filled adventure tomorrow 🙂

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