Have fun in Wrath

I am still having fun in Outland.  There is no burnout here.  But I remember when BC was released and how great those first few weeks were.  Yes, I am ready for a double-helping of fun.

How do I define fun?

  • I am going to level at my own pace, and not try to rush and be the first (or second, or fifth) in my guild to get to level 80.
  • I’m going to read quest texts, and enjoy the storylines.
  • I’m going to do quests without any quest helper add-ons.  If I get stuck I’ll use WoWHead, but the quest add-ons just make the process too mechanical and takes all the fun out of exploration.
  • I’m going to make sure to level all of my professions as I go, and not just wait until I hit 80 and powerlevel them.  That includes my leatherworking, skinning, fishing, first aid, and cooking.
  • I am going to run every instance at the appropriate level.  This didn’t happen in BC, where I missed out on Underbog, Slave Pens, Mana Tombs and Auchenai Crypts until I far outleveled them.
  • I am going to run/quest with my family and guildmates, even though that is a little slower than doing it solo.
  • I am going to enjoy the lore.
  • I am going to help my guildmates so that they are ready to raid with me at level 80.
  • I’m going to take more screenshots this time around than I did in BC.  I’ll post them to Path of a Hero, because that looks like a neat way to track your progress as you level.
  • I am … still not going to PvP

That’s the way I plan to have fun.  How about you?

1 Response to “Have fun in Wrath”

  1. 1 Frappuccino
    November 13, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    I’ve been waiting for this grind for a while now with great anticipation! I have four 70s to hit 80 with, and I won’t rush to get it done on any of them. Rogue’s up first, though 🙂

    – I’m going to kill all the Alliance that I find that aren’t actively questing or afk.

    – I’m going to explore all of each zone and try to find neat things that attribute them all.

    – I’m going to practice and learn to utilize each new ability that I obtain so I can fit them in when the situation arises.

    – I’m going to disable all my addons (TrinketMenu and Outfitter are the only two I really use since I’m no longer raiding) and download updates when I’m good and situated with all the new content.

    – I’m going to slap my cousin in the face for paying $350 for the Collector’s Edition just for the pet.

    – I’m going to enthusiactially level my blacksmithing / engineering without mining on any of my toons. I will be a proud creator of the motorcycle mount and will distribute them openly.

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