Don’t hold back – raid high end content now!

If you are not sure what to raid between now and WotLK – aim high. Imagine the highest level raid you think your guild could do, and then go to the next hardest one after that.

Two weeks ago our guild tried SSC and blew through it like it was a joke. We didn’t have time to get to Leotheras or Vashj, but nothing before them had been anything resembling a challenge. The buffing of class damage, tanking and healing combined with the nerfing of raid bosses has been a big hit for us.

This week, our officers and members figured that we would go into SSC again to clear it, or maybe try TK. I had a different plan. SSC was so easy it wasn’t even worth doing, in my opinion.

“We’re going to Mt Hyjal this week,” I said.

Then the whispers started.

One experienced raider whispered me that Hyjal was too big a step up, and then we really needed SSC/TK gear to do it.

Another experienced raider told me that I was biting off more than we could chew, and that running through SSC would be better for guild morale than wiping in Hyjal.

Bah! SSC was so easy it was boring. And with the expansion only weeks away, the goal now is not really to progress, but to see content that we may never get to see in the future.

So into Hyjal we went. Yes, it was challenging. That’s good, it wasn’t boring. The trash waves were fun (more fun for warlocks than rogues, but whatever). The bosses were interesting with new fight mechanics to learn.

How did we do?

Three bosses down. That’s right – our first time in, and we one-shotted Rage Winterchill, took a few tries to get down Anetheron, and then one-shotted Kaz’rogal. We had a few tries at Azgolar but had trouble figuring out the best way to do it with our raid make up. We could have gotten him, too, if we had more time.

Our guild jumped from T4 content to T6 content in two weeks. I have every intention of running Black Temple as well before the expansion. We may not reach Archimonde or Illidan, but we are getting to experience stuff that we had not dreamed of a few weeks ago.

Thanks, Blizzard.

And to any guild leaders out there – aim high. You would be amazed what you can do between now and November 13th.

P.S. – Zul’aman is also easy now. Before the patch, we had never gotten more than two timed chests or killed Malacrass. This weekend we got all four chests and cleared the whole instance.


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