OK, now this is just crazy.

How much have classes been buffed in the new patch? Stories abound all over the internet. Here’s my first-hand account.

On Saturday my guild went into Serpentshrine Cavern. We had tried that before, making attempts on Hydross and Lurker. We were not successful on either.

So keep in mind that not a single person in the raid had any T5 gear or T5 experience. Yes, we have some badge gear. But still- we were squarely a T4 group before the patch. On top of that, we had only 5 healers with us in the SSC run.

We went in and cleared to Hydross without event. We pulled Hydross and went to work. If you have never seen him – he puts a stacking debuff on the tank that increases damage taken by his elemental form. You are supposed to move him periodically to make him switch form, and change the type of damage.

Partway through the fight, our tank anounced that he was not taking terrible damage, and the healers were having no trouble keeping up. So we never moved him. We kept him standing still for the entire fight, regardless of how high the debuff stacked. No adds to clean up. No raid coordination needed. He went down like a wet, cold sack of potatoes.

That was nuts.

Then we cleared to Lurker, fished him up, and started there. Even after losing 1/3 of the raid to Spouts, we had enough to down him without trouble.


So we wandered around until we bumped into Morogrim Tidewalker. We had never seen him, thought about him, or read up on the fight. Our Raid Leader quickly alt-tabbed over to the web to read up on him, then tabbed back. With a vague idea of what to do, we went in.

And… one shot him. With all the AoE tanking the murloc adds were no trouble. With all our resto druids druids throwing Wild Growth the raid damage from earthquake went away.


So we plowed on to Fathom-Lord Karathress. Again we made a quick alt-tab over to the web to figure this guy out. We wiped once while we figured out the name of that nasty totem that has to be killed. Next time – down he went.

In an earlier post, I said that the patch had vaulted us from being a T4 guild to T5 in one day. I was wrong. T5 content is now too easy. Its not that we are good. In the raid we were sloppy and undisciplined. We didn’t mark targets, or watch positioning, or keep track of threat. We are just way overpowered.

I doubt we will have a chance to go back in to get to Vashj before the reset on Tuesday. I don’t know where we go from here. Hyjal? Black Temple? Sunwell? It sounds ridiculous to say that, but we had ten players putting out over 1000 dps in the raid last night (compared to no one over 800-900 last week). Healers had no mana issues. Tanks had no threat issues. I’m not sure where we fall in the raiding world for the next month before the patch.

Its almost boring.


2 Responses to “OK, now this is just crazy.”

  1. 1 Hrog
    October 20, 2008 at 11:43 am

    Totally agree with you.

    Before patch we cleared ZA 4 bosses with 30 seconds short on Lynx… DOH >.< Last weekend we returned, did 4 bosses with 21 MINUTES to spare. We went Kara, cleared in 1.15 hours, curator down in 56 seconds…

    Yesterday evening we went BT. We were 3/9, using all 2.5-3 hours to clear them. We were at Teron within an hour and killed both him and bloodboil under 3 minutes each.

    This patch is ridiculous!!! Nay, BORING!!!

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