Impressions of post-patch play

Some initial impressions of my gameplay after some running and raiding over the weekend

Rogue Soloing

I think that Combat is still a better build for soloing, just because of its better burst and multi-mob abilities. When soloing with my Mutilate build, I might as well take Envenom off my bar. Nothing lives long enough to build up a poison stack. I’ve been using Eviscerate as a finisher in solo fights. I guess when I’m alone its no big deal which method I use, as long as they die. Still, I feel like I spent points on talents that I’m not even using. And I miss Blade Flurry. Hunger for Blood seems wasted too. I pop it, it lasts 30 sec, but the mob is dead in 5.


Raiding content at your current gear level is a joke. We ran Gruul and Magtheridon on Friday. My guild has had Gruul on farm for a while, but Mag still gave us some trouble before the patch. No longer. We went in without even a full raid and blew them both away. The healers were bored because there wasn’t enough damage being taken. As far as rogues go – before the patch my dps was in the 800-850 range on Magtheridon. Yesterday I was near 1000 on High King, over 1000 on Gruul, and up around 1300-1400 on Mag.

Here is a WWS parse of the night of raids. We did switch personnel between instances, so the totals are misleading… break it up into individual bosses for a better picture. I am Unsu in the reports. I wasn’t top dps in the Gruul fight because I took a hurtful strike and died, otherwise I would have been way out in front of everyone except maybe that T5 warlock we brought along.

The raid itself was ridiculous. There’s no need to watch Omen, since the tanks do ridiculous threat. No need to worry about positioning or watching your health since the healing comes fast and hard. I stood through Gruul’s cave-in’s without moving and never had a health issue. That was an utterly pointless run. No skill required.

The new raid buff system took some getting used to. We kept yelling at our paladins because we didn’t have Blessing of Might. It took a while before we figured out that the warrior’s Battle Shout was overwriting it. With buffs being generally raid-wide, I had an obscene amount of icons in the buff area of my screen.

Scary – a ret paladin was 3rd in dps on Mag with about 1100. That ‘s scary because he was a holy pally until this week. He just respecced, doesn’t have great ret gear, and was still learning his attack rotation. Yet he very nearly caught the epic-geared rogues in dps.

The hard part of the raid for me was doing it with minimal add-ons. It turns out that the one I really missed was ClassTimers. It was hard to keep an eye on my SnD when it was mixed in at the top-right of the screen with the dozen or so other buffs I had. I had to keep moving my eye from Omen on the bottom to the poison stacks at the top left, the combo points in the center, to SnD and Hunger for Blood at the top right. I’ll need to get my add-ons updated so all the rogue stuff is in one place.


The Dragonspine Trophy dropped for me. I felt bad taking it… a lot of the other melee classes wanted it, and I already have good gear, and they may not get another chance because we won’t be killing Gruul many more times. But I have been after it for so long I couldn’t pass on it.


We are going to raid, but not much more T4 stuff. In one day, the patch pushed us from a T4 guild to a T5 guild. Sure, we’ll have to learn the fights, but we are amazingly overpowered for T4 content.

Tonight we are trying SSC. We plan to hit Hyjal at some point in the coming weeks to give it a try. We hope to do a four-chest run in ZA next week, even though there are no more bear mounts. With the various multi-tanking abiliites we won’t have to switch in a prot pally for the dragonhawk boss any more.


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