Patch day is almost here. Surprise!?!

We’ve seen this before. Those of us in the blogosphere all read and re-read every little detail about patch notes, blue posts, opinions, buffs, nerfs, and every other aspect of the game. Remember, though that there are many players who don’t. There are some who have no idea what is coming on Tuesday.

I held a guild meeting on Vent on Sunday evening for the specific purpose of talking about the patch. I posted in about three days before in the Guild Message of the Day.

We had more people show up for that meeting than ever show up for our raids! Upwards of thirty people were in vent to hear me talk about the patch! What does that tell me? It tells me that there are a lot of people who have taken a “wait and see” approach to this, and won’t find out what is happening until they log in on Tuesday. They have no idea of the scope of the changes.

Our meeting went an hour and a half. I talked about spellpower, achievements, inscription, glyphs, mounts and vanity pets, Stormwind Harbor, haircuts, talent trees, druid tanking, exotic pets, ret paladins, and a host of other stuff. Then I fielded questions.

Observations among my guild members:

  • Most excited about the patch: ret paladins, followed by hunters and feral tank druids (swipe ftw!)
  • Least excited: seemed to be mages… no one could point to anything amazing that is changing for mages in the patch
  • Most unhappy: resto druids… the lifebloom nerf has them upset, but I think it will be OK when they get to play with the new talents
  • Disappointed: fury warriors, who were excited about Titan’s Grip until they realized that its really not good until you can stack tons of +hit gear

After talking about the patch changes, most of us can’t wait to try a Kara run later this week with our new specs to see how they play.

Its probably too late now, but if you are an officer in a guild, don’t just expect that everyone knows what is happening tomorrow. Take it upon yourself to educate them. Direct them to web sites where they can read about new specs and abilities. Explain the major mechanics changes. Otherwise you’ll have a lot of pseudo-noobs running with you while they try and re-learn their characters on the fly.


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