One goal accomplished

Saturday was a good day.

(1) A geared 70 mage contacted me out of the blue asking for a guild invite. Seems that she transferred to our server, went into the AH and inspected everyone there. The best geared person in the AH was one of our pally tanks, so she decided that we must be a good raiding guild. She seems nice and a good fit with our members. Lucky us!

(2) We ran Magtheridon. We had to pug the last few spots to fill the raid. One of the pugged players, a well-geared BM hunter, asked for a guild invite at the end of the run. Lucky us!

Since we are always right on the edge of having enough people to raid, adding one or two good players is HUGE.

(3) Its good to make a goal and then see it through…

Hooray for meaningless titles! Interestingly, I only displayed the title for a couple of hours. Then I turned it off. I felt like I was showing off or something. But still – I made the goal, and I achieved it. So I’m happy.


3 Responses to “One goal accomplished”

  1. October 13, 2008 at 10:08 am

    Salty Dinaer! I love it.

    I have been a dedicated fisherman. I maxed out my fishing skill ages ago. Yet I have never, ever tried the STV fishing contest. I guess I should get around to that if I want the title.

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