Title is in my reach… maybe

Its not often that I set specific goals for myself in the game.  I usually just play for fun, and see where I end up.  However, I did specifically make a personal goal to get the “Champion of the Naaru” title before the expansion.

That timeline got moved up when I heard that the title would no longer be given after the patch on October 14th.  Yikes.

Going into the weekend I still had a couple of heroics left to run for A’dal’s quests.  I hate PuGs, and getting my guild to run heroic Shattered Halls is like pulling teeth.  A week ago I asked one of our best priests if he would come heal a heroic SH run, and he said “I’d rather shoot myself in the head.”  /sigh

This weekend I actually got 5 suckers guildies together for a run through heroic SH.  Unfortunately, we had almost no CC.  One mage for sheep, and my sap, and that’s all.  The other three were a druid tank, shaman healer, and fury warrior dps.  We got no style points and quite a large repair bill, but we did make it all the way through.  Then we did heroic Shadow Lab after that with the same group.

So I got my quest to kill Magtheridon, and that’s the last step I need for the title.

On Sunday night we threw together an unscheduled Mag raid.  Funny that we didn’t have enough on to run a 25 man raid either Friday or Saturday when they were scheduled, but Sunday we had 30 people online.  So into Mag’s lair we went.  And… it was buggy.

We had several situations where someone would click a cube, the beam would go, and then the beam would inexplicably stop and not let the person click it again.  After that happened a couple of times we called it a night.

So now I have this problem… I have only eight days left to get the title.  I could try to PuG Magtheridon every night this week until I get a group that can kill him.  By doing so, I wouldn’t be able to go this weekend for my scheduled guild run.  But if I wait for the weekend and the guild run doesn’t happen, then I have only a couple of days left to try.

As the GM of the guild, its my responsibility to go with the guild – especially since we often have just barely enough players online to raid.  I’ll be really disappointed if I don’t get the title, though.


2 Responses to “Title is in my reach… maybe”

  1. 1 Cory
    October 6, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Maybe you could bring in your pally for the mag run just this once? He may not be geared well enough to be in there but just having your presence in there in one form or another would probably be better than nothing. Maybe you could respec him for the run if you have some of the offspec gear? It just doesn’t make sense to put all the work in and get stuck on the last step with nothing to show for it.

  2. October 6, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    I would be a huge liability on my pally. He is full prot and only has tanking gear, mostly not even at Kara level. I don’t have enough ret gear to do any real damage, and I have never healed anything.

    If we had a tank shortage, I might do that… and just offer to bring in the pally to tank a Channeler, pass out pally buffs, and click a cube. But we usually have enough tanks. We are typically short heals.

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