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The countdown is on…

Everyone is abuzz over the announced date for the Wrath expansion (11/13, if you’ve somehow missed it).

I’ve been keeping my eyes on the “now” until this point… worried about finishing up pre-WotLK goals. I’m not going to stop raiding. I’m not going to give up on “live” WoW. However, its time to start thinking about what is next.

#1… My main has his epic flyer, and I’m going to stop worrying about saving for an epic flyer for my other two toons. They won’t be able to fly in Northrend for a while anyway.

#2… time to start saving up gold. It will be nice to have some funds available to level crafting skills if gathering is difficult. Also, I have no doubt that the newest incarnations of the various potions and scrolls and such will be initially overpriced on the AH.  That said, there are a LOT of quests available in the Northrend starting zone, so gold will be coming in quickly.

#3… my latest alt (Shadow Priest) is level 61… I now have two months to get him to 70, in between raiding, playing the beta and leveling my professions.

#4… My professions are maxed out on my main (including Fishing and Cooking), but not yet on the other two.  Time to get them caught up.  Also, I will need to save up some mats for patterns I have that are still yellow or orange even though I am 375, so I can get some quick skill ups once I find the next trainer.  (for LW that means Drums of Panic, and the Primalstrike pieces if you are elemental LW)

#5… Badges of Justice. Will they become worthless? I thought about using all I have to buy epic gems, but it looks like WotLK jewelcrafters will very quickly get recipes for gems that are even better than the BC epics. Might as well use them all up, then. I have enough badges to get a marginal upgrade piece. Better than throwing the Badges out or finding them still sitting in my bag at level 80.

#6… After the latest wave of tweaks in the beta, I’m going to assume that the class abilities are at least close to where they will end up at release. Now I can finally try to get into playing beta (if the server can stay stable for a few hours).  I will try out a mutilate spec and maybe even a subtlety spec just to see how they play.

Those are just off the top of my head.



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