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Guild merge & old friends come home

Its been a while coming, but our guild alliance has merged together into one guild.

This is (hopefully) going to be a smooth process. We have been raiding together for months so there are no DKP issues. We have spent lots of time together on vent and in raid chat so we already know each other pretty well. I think that a lot of issues that cause strife in guild mergers will not be a factor here.

Sunday evening, after the merge, our guild had 25 people online. For a non-raiding night, that’s awesome.

The only part of this that I feel bad about is the name. We decided that we were going to absorb them into our guild rather than disbanding both guilds and forming a new one.  I think that some of the members of the other guild might be a little disappointed.

The practical reason for this is that they are only bringing about 6-10 people into the merger, while we have around 20-30 or so that are active. If we disbanded with the intent of reforming, then I expect we would have lost some people in the transition either due to inattention or seizing the opportunity to jump to a different guild.

More personally to me, I want our guild to continue. Yes, we have a cheesy name (how many guilds are called The Dragons or some variation?). But this guild has been in continuous existence for over two years now, maybe more. I can trace guild members back to at least August ’06, well before I joined. Other guilds have come and gone. Great raiding guilds have blossomed and then burned out. The Dragons continue.

Not only has the merge bolstered our roster, but we have had a number of former members return to the fold. I think that, with the expansion coming, they are looking for a place to sit around and enjoy guild chat without the pressure of raiding during the week. The strength of our group is the camaraderie. We’re a fun bunch.


Hired help

My daughter is eleven years old. She plays WoW a bit. I severely restrict her time online, so she can’t play too much or get addicted in a way that is detrimental to her real social life. She has a level 19 shaman and a few other toons in the 10-19 level range.

During one play session, she didn’t have enough silver to train her new skills after leveling. She came to me and asked if I could send her toon some gold.

I thought to myself, “How can I get her to do something to actually earn the gold?”

I remembered that I had recently dropped engineering on my level 48 priest and picked up herbalism instead. I had been running around the low level areas trying to pick stuff and level the skill, but it was slow going. My herbalism was still around 160.

I told my daughter, “You sign onto my priest and run around the Wetlands picking herbs. Whatever herbs you pick, I will give you their auction value. And I will give you a bonus if you get my herbalism skill over 200.”

So she did. The wetlands mobs are 20 levels below the priest so there was no chance of dying. She spent about an hour or so running around. When she was done, my herbalism was at 205 and she had a bag full of herbs.

I sent the herbs to my auction mule, and started putting them up for sale. To my surprise, the herbs on my server have recently skyrocketed in price. As a result, my daughter’s work detail had been very profitable for her.

I ran to the mailbox and mailed her 75 gold. Whew. A nice days work for a level 19 shaman.

edit: She immediately blew most of the gold on AH green items and vanity pets.  Oh well.  Easy come, easy go.


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